Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert bond over missing live audiences while guest-starring in each other's shows

The legendary late night show hosts joined hands to shoot a special segment for their respective shows

                            Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert bond over missing live audiences while guest-starring in each other's shows
Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien (Getty Images)

Stephen Colbert's late show featured a very special guest. Joining him on the late-night show was funny man Conan O'Brien. Stephen and Conan had both come together to shoot this segment which would also be a part of the latter's talk show 'Conan' and there was light banter among them as to who was hosting who.

Conan said that he would be the bigger person and allow Stephen to think that he's the one hosting. 

Stephen went in straight with the questions asking how he's been dealing with isolation. Conan being Conan responded with, "I miss the joy and laughter I bring to others."

However, he said that he's loving the family time he's been getting. "We watch classic movies every night. comedies I loved watching growing up, I am watching those with my kids again." He also shared that he's missing the office and joked about missing screaming at people.

Stephen also mentioned that he misses the audience. "I only exist in the reflection of them chanting my name. I have no self-worth so it's been tough."

"I envy that they chant ur name. They don't do that to me. They scream angrily at me," quipped Conan. 

Conan also shared that he envies how Stephen is shooting with state-of-the-art equipment even for the 'at home' edition while he's broadcasting from his phone. Stephen agrees with that saying he's got a satellite van parked in his lawn.

Stephen also said that he has not seen a van in years and that he's "bitter and enraged" leaving Stephen in splits. 

On being asked about his relationship with his spouse in this time, Conan recalled a funny incident from the recent past where he drew a face with lipstick on a broom and spoke with it for hours. His wife was not very impressed with his antics with the broom, he revealed. 

Both of them also realized that their fathers went to the same college and gave a shout out to their Holy Cross College in this episode that also happens to be their fathers' alma mater. 

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' airs weeknights on CBS.

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