'The Last Dance' Episode 10: Dennis Rodman lived every boy's dream, he wrestled Hulk Hogan and played with MJ

'The Last Dance' Episode 10: Dennis Rodman lived every boy's dream, he wrestled Hulk Hogan and played with MJ
Dennis Rodman (Getty Images)

'The Last Dance' docuseries has revealed a lot of details about NBA legend Michael Jordan and the players of his generation,  rivals and teammates alike. But it looks like Jordan saved the best for last with the final episode of the series bringing out some stories about the legendary Dennis Rodman.

From dating Madonna and marrying Carmen Electra to befriending Kim Jong-un, Rodman has lived a pretty memorable life and in Episode 10 of 'The Last Dance', Jordan reminisces about the time Rodman skipped out on practice just before the finals so he could go wrestle with Hulk Hogan. The fans are obviously loving every minute of this and quite a few of them have taken to social media to talk about just how much of a legend Rodman is.


One fan took to Twitter writing, "Nine episodes have been building up to one singular moment: Dennis Rodman and Hulk Hogan vs. Karl Malone and Diamond Dallas Page, WCW Bash at the Beach ‘98. #LastDance."

Another fan wrote, "LMAOOO! Dennis Rodman missed practice during the finals to join NWO & hit DDP with a chair, then gave everyone the suck it sign when they won the championship! Legend! #LastDance"


"Dennis Rodman missing practice during the NBA finals to wreck some people with @HulkHogan is the entertainment I need right now," another fan tweeted.

"If Dennis Rodman played in this era of basketball he would have dated a Kardashian sister guaranteed," one fan commented, to which yet another fan replied saying, "A Kardashian sister? Try ALL the Kardashian sisters."


Another fan tweeted, "I aspire to not care but still thrive the way Dennis Rodman did in the late 90s. #LastDance"

Yet another fan declared, "Dennis Rodman lived out the dreams of (almost) every 90s boy: wrestle, play with MJ, date Carmen Electra. #LastDance"

That he did, and more. Rodman will go down in history as one of the most successful and simultaneously controversial players in basketball history and it's unlikely we're ever going to forget about this legend.


Though that said, if any young athletes reading this are considering emulating Rodman's devil-may-care attitude, well as this one fan says, "Hope young players don’t get it twisted there’s only one Dennis Rodman."

'The Last Dance' airs Sundays 9 pm ET on ESPN. 

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