'The Last Czars' is a 'captivating' story of the larger-than-life characters in the Romanov family and how they changed world history

'The Last Czars' is a 'captivating' story of the larger-than-life characters in the Romanov family and how they changed world history

If you’re a history buff or a drama lover, Netflix’s ‘The Last Czars’ is the perfect answer to your binge-watching needs. A story that more or less proves that truth is oftentimes larger than life, the docu-series narrates the story of the world’s richest family and their sudden downfall. “An incredible drama that changed world history,” as Nutopia's Ben Goold who is also the Executive Producer for the show tells MEA WorldWide (MEAWW).

With incredible and historically renowned characters such as Rasputin and Anastasia that capture the public imagination, it's a story that is surrounded by myth, confusion, and gossip. “The joy of it was to be able to go back to the real historical sources and to really understand exactly what happened to them, what happened in this story and to bring that to life,” says Goold.

It's a story that definitely feels larger than life, and its characters are also larger-than-life, and everything that they helped set into motion eventually led to their deaths and changed the course of world history.


Goold believes that Nicholas II is a complex character, who was caught up in historical forces that were outside of his control. That being said, the family themselves and Nicholas and Alexandra, did not see what was going on around them and revolutionary forces that were going to overthrow them and eventually get them killed. “They were so secure in their belief and their right to rule and believed that they still had the love of the people,” elaborates Goold.

'The Last Czars' is a story that is surrounded by myths confusions and gossip (Courtesy of Nutopia/Netflix)

Ultimately, it is a current story rather than a nostalgic one, despite it having unfolded a century ago. He explains, “It is a story very much about people in power who are not aware of the pressures and the forces of history that are swirling around them.”


"It's a captivating story and I hope that we brought it to life in a way that is going to absolutely capture the audience and make them surprised and to understand the history through this the extraordinary story of what happens within this family," he adds. 

'The Last Czars'  is set to premiere on July 3 on Netflix. 

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