'The L Word: Generation Q' sequel pilot has old fans raving and leaves new audiences highly impressed

Much to the glee of old fans, 'The L Word' returned with the same vigor. It also finds acceptance from the new audience

                            'The L Word: Generation Q' sequel pilot has old fans raving and leaves new audiences highly impressed
Jennifer Beals, Ilene Chaiken, Leisha Hailey, David Nevins, Stephanie Allynne, Marja-Lewis Ryan, Sepideh Moafi, Rosanny Zayas, Arienne Mandi, Jacqueline Toboni, and Leo Sheng (Source : IMDb)

Possible spoilers for Season 1 pilot of 'The L Word: Generation Q' titled 'Let's Do It Again'

One of the biggest criticisms that the original run of 'The L Word' received was its lack of representation on the screen. From the wide pool of queer people, the show chose to tell the stories of a very limited spectrum, concentrating mostly on queer women. 

And while the sequel 'The L Word: Generation Q' brings the roles of Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moennig, and Leisha Hailey back, they have also added to their kitty an entirely new generation of the LGBTQ community.

These include Arienne Mandi as Dani Nùñez, Rosanny Zayas as Sophie Suarez, Leo Sheng as Micah Lee, Jacqueline Toboni as Sarah Finley, Brian Michael Smith as Pierce Williams, and Freddy Miyares as Jose Garcia.

The highly-anticipated comeback sure delivered as fans commended the return of their favorite lesbians on the screen. 

At the same time, the new generation that the show now targets finds itself very intrigued by the plethora of new characters indicating representation and diversity on a show that had previously stuck to closed confines.  

"Ok, so 'The L Word: Generation Q' exceeded my expectations. They managed to introduce 3 trans characters without bringing up the fact they are trans, which gives me hope that they might actually treat us as more than token inclusions. Maybe Hollywood is actually changing," noted a fan. 

So much so that several fans already seem to have a favorite from the many new characters. Not to mention how the character arcs of the old align with the new characters.

"Oops, I'm already in love with Dani on Generation Q help. I'M IN ABSOLUTE LOVE WITH HER HELP also I'm too emo over the fact that like everyone from the OG show has actual adult troubles now. they've grown UP but haven't aged like wtf."

"Dani's character got a lot of screen time, so I’m also excited to see where things will go with her and Bette. Her face is so expressive, I found myself quite enraptured by her scenes," said another Dani fan. 

"I liked it. Plot-wise it was good IMO. Storylines and characters evoke curiosity. Actors are good, especially Jacqueline Toboni is amazing but that was no surprise as she’s an amazingly talented and beautiful human being IMO," said a fan

And many of the new audience that had joined in 'The L Word: Generation Q' with skepticism for the new characters, came around.

"I was honestly hoping for a less entertaining version of the original series but this was actually super solid!!!! I thought the new characters would be boring but they were (mostly) really interesting," shared a fan.

The fan added, "Also Alice, Shane and Beth were just like they were in the original series. I love the original show (even if it was really messy and kinda outdated) but I think this really has the potential to outdo it."

'The L Word: Generation Q' airs on Sundays at 10/ 9c on Showtime.

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