Netflix 'The Kominsky Method' Season 3: Air time, how to live stream, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the dramedy

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner will be reteaming in the third and final season of the Netflix original comedy-drama series

                            Netflix 'The Kominsky Method' Season 3: Air time, how to live stream, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the dramedy
Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky from 'The Kominsky Method' (Netflix)

The third and final season of 'The Kominsky Method' is right around the corner. We cannot help but notice how the premise of the show has not changed and yet manages to invoke excitement all the same.  

This time, the comedy-drama series will primarily revolve around Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner's characters. The creators have taken special care to ensure that they are finally reunited despite the challenges thrown in their way.


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Air time

'The Kominsky Method' Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on May 28 at 12 am PT.

How to live stream

Seasons 1 and 2 of the show can be streamed here.


"This season of 'The Kominsky Method' deals with money, death, love, murder, and dreams coming true. In other words, the usual. Both funny and poignant, the Golden Globe Award-winning 'The Kominsky Method' is a half-an-hour single-camera comedy that will air six episodes," the press release described.

Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky, Sarah Baker as Mindy Kominsky, and Kathleen Turner as Ruth in 'The Kominsky Method' (Netflix)


Douglas and Turner will be reteaming, which was not a surprise because their onscreen relationship deserves more screen time. Interestingly, her role has been bumped up to regular after appearing in a guest role for Seasons one and two. Joining the cast will be Sarah Baker and Paul Reiser. Lisa Edelstein, Emily Osment, Graham Rogers, and Haley Joel Osment will reprise their guest-starring roles. Academy Award-winner Alan Arkin left after Season 2 ended, which meant Douglas' Sandy Kominsky was friendless and looking at a shoulder to rely on. It made sense for the creators to bring back Sandy's salty ex-wife Roz Volander. 

Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky and Kathleen Turner as Ruth in 'The Kominsky Method' (Netflix)

"Because she killed it in her one scene we had together from last year, she was so good, and I think Chuck Lorre just saw the possibilities," Douglas told Deadline and added: "You know how wonderful she is and just you know the chemistry. It’s a rare thing and really nice and so, I was just so happy to see how much Chuck enjoyed it, and Kathleen’s performance has been such a strong part of our final year. She just did a great job."


The show is created by nine-time Emmy Award nominee Chuck Lorre. Lorre, Al Higgins and Douglas serve as executive produce the series, while Chuck Lorre Productions and Warner Bros. Television take on full-fledged production roles.



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