'The Kominsky Method' actress Sarah Baker says how it is to 'date a man' her father's age

When creator Chuck Lorre told Sarah Baker of this, she thought it was a "really fun flip." 

                            'The Kominsky Method' actress Sarah Baker says how it is to 'date a man' her father's age

Possible spoilers for Season 2 of 'The Kominsky Method'

Season 2 of 'The Kominsky Method' picked up where it left from. As Alan Arkin's Norman is still dealing with the death of his wife, Michael Douglas' Sandy faces a unique situation.

His daughter Mindy is dating a man several years elder to her. To be precise, someone closer to Sandy's age. This is particularly problematic to him. You see Sandy has dated only younger women - far younger women than him - after separating from his wife. So, when Mindy tells him that she is dating an older man, Sandy assumes that Mindy's boyfriend Martin Schneider (Paul Reiser) is also very much like him. 

When creator Chuck Lorre told Baker that her character is going to go through these changes in season 2, she thought it was a "really fun flip." 

"Because she's seemingly got it all together and doesn't seem affected by her upbringing", Baker tells MEA WorldWide in an exclusive chat. But it is pretty evident that there is more going on in this situation than what meets the eye.

Especially from Mindy's perspective. Dating someone almost her father's age is definitely not going to go easy. So at first, she is bracing herself for all the criticism that Sandy would send her way. 

But in a surprising turn of events for her as well, Sandy and Martin actually get along really well. And that becomes another problem. "Sandy at first is not happy about it at all, but then as he gets to know Martin, they actually hit it off. And then I think that's, even though that's kind of what she wanted, I think Mindy is almost more distressed by how well they actually get along", Baker tells us. 

Baker's Mindy has gone through a transformation over the season. "I think she's coming into her own", Baker says. "It was a big moment in the first season when her dad Sandy acknowledged just how much work she does for him. It was really significant for Mindy to have that kind of approval from her father. And I think she's really stepped into that power [and responsibility]. The approval goes a long way with her and feeling a little bit more secure."

It is worth noting that Sandy and Mindy's relationship has also improved over the last season. Where in season 1, Sandy was often dismissive of Mindy and the hard work she invests in him and his studio, by the end of season 1 and through season 2, he develops an admiration for the woman that Mindy is grown into. 

Season 1 and 2 of Netflix's 'The Kominsky Method' are available to stream on Netflix. 

This is part 1 of the interview with Sarah Baker from 'The Kominsky Method'. Stay tuned for part 2. 

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