'The Kissing Booth 3': Are Noah and Elle done? Ending reveals possible future romance

While Elle and Noah seem to have realized their relationship has run its course, there might be more to their love than they know

                            'The Kissing Booth 3': Are Noah and Elle done? Ending reveals possible future romance
Jacob Elordi as Noah and Joey King as Elle as seen in 'The Kissing Booth 3' (Netflix/Marcos Cruz)

If you're invested in summer rom-coms, then 'The Kissing Booth' series should definitely be on your list.

With 'The Kissing Booth 3', Elle is back, with Noah and Flynn, ready to make the most of the last summer before they head off to college. The movie sees Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney reprise their roles for the third instalment.


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'The Kissing Booth 3' picks up right where 'The Kissing Booth 2' left off. While Elle and Noah are back together and Flynn and Rachel are also happily dating, some shocking news is on the horizon. The Flynn family has decided to sell the beach house, where the trio enjoyed multiple summers together and grew up. Seeing that the logistics required someone to be at the beach house at all times, the trio and Rachel offer to take care of the place until it's time to be demolished.

Thus begins their epic summer, with parties and romances. Lee and Elle find an old summer bucket list they made as kids and go about fulfilling everything on the list. At the same time, Elle is torn between going to Harvard to be close to Noah or Berkely, where she can be with Flynn. She ends up agreeing to go to Harward and tells Noah, who is quick to look for apartments. She lies to Flynn about being on the Berkeley waitlist when she got in a while back.

With Marco coming back into her life, Noah and Elle fight yet again and she is torn between her love and her best friend. Noah, however, realises that Elle has stopped doing what's best for her and only things of others happiness. With no way out, he ends their relationship so that she doesn't make a decision that she will come to regret.


Lee and Rachel also break up, seeing that going to different colleges would put a strain on their relationship in addition to the added stress of education. With broken hearts all around, it's Lee and Noah's mom who finally sit Elle down and asks her the all-important question -- what does she want to do? Elle realises that even though she has options for college, she has no idea what she wants to study.

It soon dawns on her that her passion is video games, and she wants to make it her career. She applies to USC and makes it into their video game design programme. However, this means that Noah goes back to Boston alone, Lee is now at Berkeley and Elle at USC, effectively separating them. However, they all learn to focus on their paths and grow as individuals. The movie ends with a 6-year time skip, where fans learn that Elle, Lee and Rachel are all now back in Los Angeles. Lee and Rachel are back together and now planning their wedding, as they realised they loved each other and are reconciled.

Elle on the other hand, works for a gaming company and is happy with what she does. They all attend a carnival, where they notice that their high school still has the kissing booth, where all their romances and drama began. Suddenly Noah appears, as he too is visiting LA. Elle and he talk for a while, where he tells her he has two job offers, one in New York and one in LA and is currently deciding which one to pick. He jokes about how when they were kids, Elle crashing into their driveaway.

She points out that she rides a bike now, to which he is surprised, seeing that Noah's motorcycle is his signature style. He suggests that they go for a ride, and she agrees if he ever has the time. He says that for her, he always does. As Noah leaves, Elle watches him walk away, only for him to turn around and wake goodbye. The movie ends with Noah making good on his promise, as the two are seen riding together off into the sunset. While the ending is ambiguous, it's clear as day that they two still hold each other dear, implying that there will always be something special between them, no matter what.

'The Kissing Booth 3' premieres on August 11 on Netflix. The streaming platform also has the first two movies that are a part of the franchise.