'Resort to Love' Review: Scenic Mauritian beaches and a few laughs redeem a slow love story

What adds to the depth of 'Resort to Love' is the picturesque Mauritian setting

                            'Resort to Love' Review: Scenic Mauritian beaches and a few laughs redeem a slow love story
Sinqua Walls as Caleb King and Christina Milian as Erica Wilson in 'Resort to Love' (David Bloomer/ Netflix)

Spoilers ahead for 'Resort to Love'

It’s hard to not make travel plans while watching ‘Resort to Love’. Netflix's latest romance outing may be a heady blend romance and comedy, but what it does best is trigger the traveler in us. The scenic Mauritian beaches embracing the gorgeous blue sea as the sun sets and rises on it is a sight to behold. But the film's more than the locales it was shot at.

Christina Milian's Erica's love story takes a shocking turn when her now ex-fiance Jason (Jay Pharoah) dumps her in the wake of a music career meltdown. What doesn't help her case is when she ends up scoring a gig as the entertainment of one of the luxe resorts in Mauritius, the same place Jason is getting married. The 90-minute romantic-comedy, despite being predictable, is enjoyable. 


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Erica's happiness takes a nosedive when she realizes her new job at the resort is where Jason is getting hitched. To make matters worse, the new guy she is hoping to move on with turns out to be Jason's brother Caleb (Sinqua Walls). Somewhere along her being able to sing at the wedding serves as a respite given the slew of challenges life has thrown at her lately.

Christina Milian as Erica Wilson in 'Resort to Love' (Netflix)


The first 30 minutes sets the context about Erica's life and where it's headed. What makes 'Resort to Love' watchable is the relatability of it all. At some point, we have all had to decide between the past and the future. Erica's predicament feels natural and close to home.  

It may be a load of soppy, mushy drama, but it's just what the bosses at Netflix had in mind. Milian's Erica is warm, funny, confident, strong yet vulnerable desperately hoping her love life is what she had dreamed it would be. Walls does a good job of being the silent yet effective potential boyfriend who lends Erica the shoulder when she needed the most. The supporting cast puts up a good show popping in and out of the narrative often, but never taking away from Milian and Walls.

Sinqua Walls as Caleb King and Christina Milian as Erica Wilson in 'Resort to Love' (Netflix)

What adds to the depth of the movie is the picturesque Mauritian setting. Nothing like witnessing a relationship blooming in one of the most romantic places. It just gives another reason to watch the film.
‘Resort to Love’ slips from pleasant to complicated every five minutes, which, honestly helps spike the pace a bit. It's a constant battle in Erica's head, which ends on a positive note. 
‘Resort to Love’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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