'The Kardashians': Scott feels like 'chopped liver' after Kris snubs him over birthday dinner

'The Kardashians': Scott feels like 'chopped liver' after Kris snubs him over birthday dinner
Scott Disick on 'The Kardashians' (Hulu)

For all you 'The Kardashians' fans, the drama is stacking up on the Hulu series. Between Kim taking the bar exam and her divorce, Kourtney's relationship, and more, a lot seems to be happening within the Kar-Jenner family.

And, at the center of it all happens to be Travis and Kourtney, whose love has been in everyone's face, right from the start. And while most people find it cute, there is one person who is arguably not a fan of it all.

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While most of the family has been getting on with their lives, one person feels as though he is constantly being left behind -- Scott. And, in classic Scott fashion, he has made it pretty known to anyone willing to hear what he was to ask. As Kris took Scott out for her 'birthday lunch', Scott quickly found out that she was actually having a house viewing get together for a new place, one that he wasn't exactly invited.

Scott was instantly offended, stating that Kris said he was like her "blood-related son" after his parents passed away, only for him to be treated like this. He spoke about how she was likely having a lavish dinner while he got taken to some diner and was being treated like chopped liver. Despite his rant, fans didn't feel bad for Scott one bit. 

"Literally nobody: Scott Disick: where my invite? #Kardashians" tweeted a fan. "Scott is annoying!!! No one owes you anything at tf all..you don't have to be at every birthday dinner…you only need to be at functions that your children are at #Kardashians" added another. "why is scott disick the biggest drama queen sensitive ass mf out of all the kardashians..  #Kardashians #TheKardashians" said a fan. "Scott is such a hypocrite! He expects everyone to care about his feelings but he never cared about any of theirs! #Kardashians" tweeted another. "Scott just pissed me off. Like SIR THEY ARE ALL RELATED TO KOURTNEY. THEY ARE LITERALLY HER BLOOD. GET TF OVER YOURSELF. #Kardashians #TheKardashians" said a fan. "Scott is so f--king annoying #Kardashians" added another. 













What do you think? Was Scott's outburst justified? Or is he over-reacting? Sound off below! 
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