'The Kardashians': Does Kourtney have no sympathy for Scott Disick? Fans say Kendall is 'wrong'

'The Kardashians': Does Kourtney have no sympathy for Scott Disick? Fans say Kendall is 'wrong'
'The Kardashians' stars Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian (Hulu)

It looks like Kendall Jenner didn't get the memo about not speaking about an ex immediately after getting engaged. So, when the supermodel committed this major faux pas on the recently aired episode of 'The Kardashians', fans weren't very pleased about it.

Episode 4 of Hulu's new reality show featured the highly-awaited proposal scene of Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. The whole Kar-Jenner family (minus Kourtney's kids, and Rob Kardashian) were present to celebrate the landmark event in the oldest Kardashian sister's life. While Kris Jenner was gushing over Kourt finally finding love, Kendall ruined the magical moment by immediately questioning if Kourtney had any 'sympathy' for her ex/ baby daddy Scott Disick. Kendall declared that she didn't feel like Kourt had any sympathy for him. 


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Kourt was taken aback and broke down on hearing Kendall's harsh words. Thankfully, Kim Kardashian intervened and stopped Kendall from ruining the moment further by discussing Scott and instead urged everybody to celebrate Kourt's big day. While fans were pleased with the way Kim handled the situation, they however weren't happy with Kendall's timing of enquiring about Scott immediately after Kourt got engaged to Travis.

Several fans took to Twitter to slam the supermodel for her insensitive remarks. A fan tweeted, "I can’t stand Kendall... Kourtney just got engaged and she’s probably feeling soo happy and now you decide to bring up her ex who had YEARS to get his act together. Kourtney owes Scott nothing! Let the girl be happy #TheKardashians." "Kendall being more concerned about Scott rather than Kourtney is a problem #TheKardashians," wrote a fan. Another fan shared, "Personally I woulda slapped Kendall for saying I don’t have sympathy for my ex the second I got engaged but that’s just me #TheKardashians." "Also you know what f*** Kendall for coming at Kourtney like that after she was proposed to MINUTES BEFORE???????? Like gtfo #TheKardashians," added a fan.






Another fan shared, "Kendall is so annoying lol, like damn can Kourtney have her moment and be happy?! She’s been through so much with Scott, she deserves this moment! #TheKardashians." "Can Kendall STFU about Scott and let the night be about Kourtney! I’m not a big Kourtney fan but Scott had YEARS to prove himself and did nothing but bring her problems. Kendall should go watch the first 10 seasons of the show over. #TheKardashians," suggested a fan. Another annoyed fan expressed, "Kendall I love you but please stfu fr trying to argue about Scott feelings????! Who cares about Scott it’s YOUR SISTER engagement Kendall really pissed me off #TheKardashians." "For kendall to ask kourtney if she has sympathy for Scott is dead wrong," pointed out a fan. "Kendall out her rabbit a** mind inquiring about/prioritizing Scott/Scott’s feelings on Kourtney’s ENGAGEMENT DAY," declared a fan.






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