Kanye West slammed for comparing Kim Kardashian's outfit to Marge Simpson: 'Narcissist to the full extent'

Kanye West slammed for comparing Kim Kardashian's outfit to Marge Simpson: 'Narcissist to the full extent'
Kanye West mocked Kim Kardashian's outfit by comparing her to Marge Simpson (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company & Hulu)

Kim Kardashian has always been pretty vocal about how much Kanye West loved styling and dressing her. Over the years, Kim began relying on Kanye to help pick out her outfits and style them. But after the couple decided to part ways, Kim decided to find her own identity by styling herself. So 'The Kardashians' star wore a body-hugging leather dress to an award ceremony honoring her.

While the whole world was impressed with her bold fashion choice that accentuated her curves, sadly her ex-husband wasn't a fan of it. On the recently aired episode of 'The Kardashians', Kim revealed that Kanye mocked her outfit choice by sharing a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something similar and comparing her to the animated character. He also reportedly threatened that her 'career was over' without him.


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Kim Kardashian in a still from 'The Kardashians' (Hulu)


When 'The Kardashians' fans heard Kanye's harsh criticism of Kim, they took to Twitter to slam the rapper and his narcissism. A fan tweeted, "How Kanye gonna tell Kim she was dressed like Marge Simpson? #TheKardashians." "Now Kanye KNOWS he’s wrong for that Marge comparison #TheKardashians," wrote a fan. Another amused fan added, " Kanye is a menace for saying Kim looked like Marge Simpson at an awards ceremony #TheKardashians." "Kanye is a narcissist to the full extent #TheKardashians," pointed out a fan.






'The Kardashians' star Kim Kardashian (Hulu)


Fans also questioned Kanye's threats of Kim's career-ending without him by her side. A fan shared, "Did Kanye REALLY call Kim and tell her that her career was over after outfit? I think she looks great! Kanye deserves his fashion props but Kim also KILLS it! ……You got this KIM!" "I do wonder how Kanye feels telling Kim her career was over when she was the only person to trend in the top 10 on Google searches post Met Gala..and was top 3 for multiple days #TheKardashians," echoed another fan. "The fact that @KimKardashian allowed herself to be manipulated to need Ye’s opinion on EVERYTHING is insane Even more insane when she dressed herself for the first time w/o Ye’s opinion, Ye told her that her career was over!!! How disrespectful! #TheKardashians @kardashianshulu," observed a fan.





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