'The Kardashians': Khloé couldn't care less when Kris talks of her days as flight attendant

'The Kardashians': Khloé couldn't care less when Kris talks of her days as flight attendant
Kris Jenner & Khloé Kardashian in 'The Kardashians' (YouTube/Hulu)

Episode 3 of 'The Kardashians' titled 'The Switch' sees Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner arrive at Studio 8H to prepare for their pre-taped sketch. As their conversation at the studio picks up, the internet goes crazy with all the banter between mother and daughter.

While Kris is getting her make-up done, she tells Kim Kardashian about the major news from the previous episode — that Travis is going to propose to Kourtney. Kim, as it appears, was aware of the situation before her mother. How rude!

"He came over, and he asked for her hand in marriage," Kris says, her eyes welling up with tears. "It was so sweet… And then he said he went to your dad's grave and asked your dad. And I just lost it."


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That night, the Kardashian clan and a slew of hangers-on congregate at Estiatorio Milos in midtown for a large pre-SNL dinner. Scott Disick, another 'KUWTK' vet, who has been AWOL since the first episode, makes an appearance. Kris regales the party with tales of her lowly origins as a flight attendant as they dine on an extravagant buffet of lobster and other sea critters. She rented a modest flat with no closet and single beds with three other "stewardesses." Mama Kris also wants to go to that dingy flat tomorrow for the sake of nostalgia. She asks Khloé, "Don't you want to see where your mother used to live?" "No!" exclaims, her daughter, who is tired of Kris "crying over something that happened in the '80s."

It's finally Saturday Night Live show day. It's also "Let's go see Kris Jenner's sh---y old apartment" day. And Khloé is overjoyed. When it comes to mom's official tours down memory lane, the youngest Kardashian daughter is just 1-800-OVER-IT. "When I go to San Diego, I've gone to her high school, I saw where she started her period," she sighs. "So, I know all the f---ing stories."

The entire back and forth between the two sent the viewers dying out of laughter, with many praising Khloe for her quick and witty comebacks. Some of them took it to their socials to share "@khloekardashian you’re too funny I’m loving #TheKardashians so much"


Some fans even went far ahead to call Khloé the funniest among the sisters: "I fckn love @khloekardashian by far the funniest sister"


"@khloekardashian you’re my spirit animal! “I’m trynna muster up the I give a f*ck energy” Lmao iconic!" read another.




Even though fans took the whole conversation as another family comic relief, some took offense due to the language used by Khloe towards her mother. One disappointed Twitter user tagged Khloe and said, "@khloekardashian You should be more grateful of the stories your mom tells you whenever you’re in a different state, you’re so fucken rude to her, it’s sad."


While, another tweet read, "@khloekardashian is a full-grown adult, and as an adult, I’ll never understand why she still thinks it’s ok to talk to her mom like that. Time is so short. Let your mom repeat all the stories she wants and cherish that. #TheKardashians"


'The Kardashians' is available for streaming on Hulu.

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