Khloe Kardashian jokes about Kardashian sisters album, fans say 'keep your music to yourselves'

Khloe Kardashian jokes about Kardashian sisters album, fans say 'keep your music to yourselves'
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Being a part of the entertainment industry comes with a lot of criticism, and the Kar-Jenner clan is no stranger to it. This time, however, it is the youngest Kardashian sis, Khloe, who shared a post on Instagram hinting she and her sisters are about to release an album. Looks like fans have simply had enough of their "excruciating nonsense."

They've been part of the social media circle for years after gaining fame from their fan-favorite reality show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.' The reality show has chronicled their lives and that of their families opening up to their fans all over the world. From new husbands and new babies to cheating scandals and glamorous parties, the family has stayed together, loyally, something they are always proud of. But looks like coming together for an album is not what their fans want.

It was clear when Khloe took to Instagram to post a squad picture of her sisters and her posing in fabulous outfits. The reality star captioned the picture, "Album dropping 2021," a common millennial joke describing a picture that looks like an album cover. While some fans commented on the sisters' "killer bodies" and "bomb outfits," others took the time to call out the family on their narcissistic behavior during these hard times. "The last thing we need from y'all is an album," wrote one user with another adding, "Bored of Kanye's s**t music already Kim?"

"You guys can barely speak without being fake IMAGINE THEM SINGING YALL MY EARS WOULD BLEED," wrote another user. Some also fired shots at the youngest of the clan, Kylie, asking, "Hey plastic big fake lipped h*e DID YOU PAY YOUR WORKERS YET?" The user was referring to the recent scandal where many companies weren't paying their workers resulting in the #payup movement that targeted big brands and celebrities that owned their brands. "God can they be any more narcissistic and fake?" asked another user adding, "They just want Black babies for the clout they DONT CARE ABOUT the movement."

"Keep yall music and s**t to yall selves," added another user, "Yall as talented as a watermelon."


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