'The Journalist': 5 things you need to know about Netflix's Japanese thriller series

Based on the 2019 movie, 'The Journalist' takes on a new path in the latest Netflix series

                            'The Journalist': 5 things you need to know about Netflix's Japanese thriller series
Ryoko Yonekura in 'The Journalist' (Youtube/Netflix)

When 'The Journalist' hit movie screens back in 2019, it certainly made waves in Japanese cinema. Based loosely on a book by Isoko Mochizuki with the same name, 'The Journalist' tells the story of Erika Yoshioka, who is determined to find the actual reason behind the suicide of her father. However, she soon realises that the truth might change her life entirely. Now being adapted into a series, 'The Journalist' takes on a new avatar. Curious to know more? Continue reading to find out.

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When does 'The Journalist' release, and where can you watch it

'The Journalist' premieres on January 13th, 2022 on Netflix.

Who stars in the 'The Journalist' series

Ryoko Yonekura
Ryoko Yonekura is a Japanese actress and former fashion model. She is best known for her role in the medical drama 'Doctor-X: Surgeon Michiko Daimon' and also voices the Black Widow in the Japanese dub of the 'Avengers' franchise. Her other works include 'Giwaku', 'Legal V: Ex-lawyer Shoko Takanashi', 'Doctor X: Gekai Daimon Michiko Special', 'Kagerô ezu', 'Kaseifu wa mita!' and 'Out Burn: Marubo no onnna deka Yagami Eiko'. 



The rest of the cast includes Hidetaka Yoshioka, Gô Ayano, Ryûsei Yokohama  and Shinobu Terajima.

What is 'The Journalist' all about

As per the synopsis -- "An adaptation of the 2019 hit theatrical feature film of the same name, The Journalist, which proved buzzworthy for its confrontation of Japanese political crimes and scandals of recent years. With its shocking tackling of societal taboos, thrilling developments, and stylish visuals, the film won awards in three major categories at the 43rd Japan Academy Awards, including Best Picture of the Year, as well as many other film awards. In this new series, 'The Journalist' stars Ryoko Yonekura (Doctor X, Legal V) playing the protagonist Anna Matsuda, a Toto Newspaper reporter known as the 'maverick of news media,' who strives to expose issues in modern Japanese society. The film is directed by Michihito Fuji who also directed the movie."

'The Journalist' (Netflix)




Michihito Fuji
Michihito Fuji is a director. His works include 'The Beginning Notes', 'Day and Night', 'Kaisha wa Gakkou janen da yo', 'Ao no Kaerimichi', 'Devil', 'Nihon wo Yukkuri Hashitte Mita yo', 'Shinjuku Seven', '1,000,000 yen no Onnatachi', 'Innocent Blood', 'Samurai Gourmet', 'Zenin, Kataomoi' and 'Tokyo City Girl.


You can check out the trailer for 'The Journalist' here.



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