'The Guest Book' episode 6: Tipper Newton's return is a sweet surprise for OG fans and her Lisa Rinna lips a treat for all

Tipper portrays a stripper named Sinnomin on the show, who is the personification of 'hooker with a heart of gold'.

                            'The Guest Book' episode 6: Tipper Newton's return is a sweet surprise for OG fans and her Lisa Rinna lips a treat for all

Week after week the good people at TBS’ ‘The Guest Book’ have brought us weird and thought-provoking stories and Tuesday (November 20) night’s episode titled ‘Invisible Son’ starring guest starring Pete Davidson, Tipper Newton, Lisa Rinna, Matthew Willig and Lexi Anisworth is no different. While the events in the lives of the citizens of Mabel Beach continue to be charmingly problematic in the background, the story of trichotillomaniac Clem (played by Davidson) is at the forefront and as the title suggests he is the invisible son of the family.  


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Due to obscene amounts of @petedavidson tomorrow’s episode of #TheGuestBook is for mature eyes only.

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Newton appears as a surprising Easter egg for the OG fans of this niche show, reprising her character from season 1 as the stripper Sinnomin, who used to be previously employed by Vivian, and unlike the previous appearances, she has quite a bit to say this time around. Says Newton, regarding the reprise of Sinnomin, “I was in 8 of the episodes last season but it was very much sort of in the background. I would have a line or two each week, if even that. I knew that it was going to be sort of a new cast, new location this season, so I had no idea that they were gonna have me back for this episode. That was just a really fun surprise.” 

We get to see a lot more of her pure heart and intentions this season, as well. The curious soul that she is, she wants to help her client Clem, get back in sync with his family and goes along for a family reunion at the beach house. Concurring that Sinnomin may truly be the embodiment of “stripper with a heart of gold,” Newton says, “Greg [Garcia] had written it sort of in this way where she is this stripper but she is also very sweet at the same time. And so, it's kind of easy. He wrote such funny lines and it was really easy for me to go off of that. She tries to help out people and encourage them so I was like I hope that I could be that way in real life a well.” 


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Oh boy can’t wait for you to see my episode in the new season of The Guest Book!! Premieres October 23rd I show up in #6 but here’s a sneak peak from the trailer 😊

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Like most of Newton's plethora of characters, Sinnomin too, has some quirk to her, that makes her stand out as the actress puts it, "not totally in the same world as everyone else." "I always enjoy playing characters that might be a little odd or quirky or its always fun for me to play something also that is further away from what I am like in real life. So, I would say I get most excited when I get to play someone that might be a little odd in some ways," she says.

A fan of both Davidson and Rinna, she was excited about the opportunity to work closely with them and both were warm and welcoming, she claims. She even got Lisa Rinna lookalike lips of her own. Two hours of patiently waiting while the special effects artist glued “these jelly silicon lip-like things” on her face was totally worth it, she claims, having never been required to apply prosthetics for work before. “It wasn't really uncomfortable really it just felt like I had something on my face for a while. I was kind of like that the whole day and it was pretty fun. Everybody got a kick out of it seeing me with those fake lips on there,” Newton, who will soon be seen in the upcoming The CW series 'In the Dark' reveals. 

Season 2 episode 6 of 'The Guest Book' titled 'Invisible Son' will air at 10:30 pm Tuesday, November 20.