'The Good Place' Season 4 Episode 10: World may be ending but we can't seem to care because Chidi knows Eleanor is 'The Answer'

'The Good Place' Season 4 Episode 10: World may be ending but we can't seem to care because Chidi knows Eleanor is 'The Answer'

Say it with us, "Holy forking shirt ball!" 'The Good Place' gave us one of the most satisfying reunions in Season 4 Episode 9 and kept us waiting till the very end for it. If that isn't cinematic brilliance we don't know what is. After a year of walking around the pretend neighborhood with no memories of his best friends and his girlfriend, Chidi (William Jackson Harper) got his memory back in 'The Answer' and remembered what his answer has always been. 

This entire season, Eleanor (Kristen Bell) has been struggling to run the neighborhood and help the four human test subjects become better people in the afterlife, while also trying to not fall apart because her boyfriend has forgotten her and thinks his ex-girlfriend Simone (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) is his soulmate. That testing period in her life is thankfully over, and 'The Answer' was all about Chidi reclaiming his memories, starting with his birth all the way until he said goodbye to Eleanor and went with Michael to get his memory erased. 

We see that Chidi has always been driven by the necessity to find "The Answer", and he has always believed that there is always one to be found in every single situation, including his parents' divorce. Just before getting his memory erased, he remembers something that he never wanted to forget again. "There is no answer": He wrote it in a piece of paper and left it with Janet (D'Arcy Carden), asking her to return it when his memory is recovered. However, this revelation was followed by another big revelation: "Eleanor is the answer."


This is the moment 'The Good Place' fans have been waiting for since Season 4 began, and the writers and showrunners of the NBC series did a brilliant job of not overplaying it, instead of giving us a subtle moment where Chidi and Eleanor acknowledged that they were choosing to be with each other. It was one of the perfectly planned and executed moments in the series, and we are all thankful for it.


But now, where do we go from here? There is still an answer to be found, and the whole team is depending on Chidi to find it, which we are now sure, he will. However, a long wait precedes it, because the show is going on a fall break and will return with Season 4 Episode 10 on Thursday, January 9, 2020.

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