‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 8 preview: Could Dr Neil Melendez and his boss-girlfriend Dr Audrey Lim have a fallout?

‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 8 preview: Could Dr Neil Melendez and his boss-girlfriend Dr Audrey Lim have a fallout?

Dr Neil Melendez is having quite a tough time. For an accomplished and experienced doctor he is, it is difficult to come to terms with a failure, especially, when he is leading a surgery.

As we saw in Episode 6, Neil leads a surgery of a 23-week pregnant woman. While he could manage to save the baby prematurely, the mother dies on the operation table. Somehow, failing to save the mother keeps haunting Neil. He blames himself for taking certain bold decisions about the surgery, which further affects his peace of mind.

Audrey tries to pacify and downplay the situation for him, but to no avail. On one hand, Audrey needs to look at this entire issue from a medical professional’s point of view. On the other hand, as a partner, she needs to be the ultimate moral support for Neil in such an emotionally disturbing time. Walking that thin line between work practices, hospital management, and personal life, Audrey finds it complicated to communicate and connect with Neil. But she is also not to blame.

Neil has not been able to get over the death of his patient, especially, because it was his idea to go ahead with the surgery, despite, his colleagues having alternative opinions. Surprisingly, as we had initially suspected, Neil is neither going into a depression spiral or a guilt-trip, but is acting out in strange ways, which are not expected of him. He is trying to play it safe with every patient, he is a tad cold with Audrey and his colleagues, and, most importantly, he is avoiding a counsel.

The life of a doctor is quite stressful and as his boss and partner, Audrey believes that Neil should have a heart-to-heart conversation with Dr Glassman and get the guilt off his chest, or at least share what he feels about the entire incident. Neil fails to take this sportingly, and such a difference of opinion leads to further tension and coldness between Audrey and Neil. Now, we are worried, that if this rift continues between them, then, it can not only affect their working relationship but also their personal one.


As the preview of Episode 8 shows, either one of them will have to take the hard decision and keep their work separate from their relationship.

The question remains if they will be able to handle this move or will it turn out to be a crisis that will eventually lead to fallout.

Watch Episode 8 of ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 on Monday, November 18, at 10.30 pm only on ABC.

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