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‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 7 makes fans think it was a bad idea for Dr Glassman to hire wife as employee

Dr Aaron Glassman’s wife Debbie has joined him at work as his office manager, and her way of working leads to serious disagreements between her and Glassman. And fans think that it is a mistake to have her work at the same place.

Mr and Mrs Glassman’s relationship has seen quite a few tiffs by now. Around their wedding, when Glassman found out that Debbie had not been very upfront about her background in the military, he wasn’t happy about it. Then, post marriage, the couple argued over having a gun in the house. When that got resolved, Debbie pushed her husband to get her a job at his office, which, quite reluctantly, Glassman agreed to.

But, as they say, it is not easy for a couple to work at the same place, especially when one has to report to the other. As Dr Glassman’s office manager, Debbie is answerable to him. But at the same time, being his wife, she takes her call on a few things around the office management. While there is nothing wrong in wanting to enhance work processes and make some changes, it becomes difficult for Dr Glassman to come to terms with it, especially, because for years, he is used to things running in a certain way.

However, considering it is his wife, he comes to terms when she interrupts a meeting with Dr Lim and Dr Glassman. But when Debbie upgrades the computer system without informing Glassman, he flips and fans couldn’t agree more. They feel that the entire idea of employing her was not great. As @hershey_bar22 Tweets, “It wasn't a good idea for Debbie to work with Glassman anyway #TheGoodDoctor”. And as the story progresses, Debbie’s behavior is despising fans. Here are a few instances of such disappointments, @Miss_Kim_H OMG, “Glassy’s wife is annoying ME! #TheGoodDoctor” or, @megwag22, “Debbie is annoying.  #TheGoodDoctor”.

But there are also exceptions of views from a few fans, who feel that Debbie’s intention is not all that wrong. Just as @sapphiremoon01 says, “Working with the wife is not going well. She wants to help, Glassman! Come on! #TheGoodDoctor”.

However, by the end of it all, Glassman resolves his issues with Debbie and despite her decision of not wanting to come back to work, her husband insists and they come to an agreement. But all said and done, will working for her husband create more troubles in Debbie and Glassman’s marital life? Guess, time will tell.

‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 airs on Monday at 10.30 pm only on ABC.