‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 11: Will Shaun end up taking a wrong decision in his relationships?

Shaun feels more connected to Lea and this makes him confused about his feelings for his girlfriend Carly

                            ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 11: Will Shaun end up taking a wrong decision in his relationships?
Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy in 'The Good Doctor' (IMDb)

Dr. Shaun Murphy might have come a long way in feeling different emotions and expressing his feelings. However, episode 11 ‘Fractured’ sees Shaun state of mind being actually fractured, at least to some extent. So here’s what happens.

When Shaun met his dying father, the interaction didn’t quite go as expected. Not that he had expected it to be a cordial goodbye. But this was a little too disappointing. Shaun's father rebuked him even on his deathbed and eventually passed away, leaving him with all the bitterness and disappointment. Shaun passes into a severe breakdown and that’s when Lea stepped in as the friend in need and comforted him.

This evoked some feelings in Shaun that he had never experienced, not even with Carly, his girlfriend. This puts him in serious conflict, so much so that he starts to avoid Carly. Somehow, Shaun later musters up some courage and tells Carly the truth and she is upset. Shaun is afraid. He did what he thought would be the right thing to do but that broke the heart of someone he loves. Shaun is scared that Carly might leave him, and so would Lea. He then connects all the dots of how he has always been abandoned by people in life, starting from his parents.

We understand where Shaun comes from and this makes us worried about our favorite doctor. His stunted emotional expressions often get misinterpreted by people, even if they are close to him. He analyses how he feels for each of the women, but we all know that one cannot interpret feelings that easy. Just going by what seems to be good and bad with each of them, if Shaun takes a decision, it might backfire for him in the long run. And just as we guessed, his analysis asks him to be with Carly, even if it means stop being friends with Lea.

Like us, fans of the show have also felt this might be a bad idea. We think that somewhere Shaun’s inner fears are getting the better of him and he is basing his judgment only on apparent reasons. While it is important to be practical in a relationship, Shaun needs and deserves more, partly because he is special and the way he understands people and life is far beyond common perspectives.

Will Shaun realize that his feelings need to be reassessed? Because, if he doesn’t, then it could break him further and we would be heartbroken.

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