'The Good Doctor' Season 3 Episode 11: Claire finally faces her demons to get her life back on track

Claire finally starts seeing a therapist and is in a much better place from where we saw her last season

                            'The Good Doctor' Season 3 Episode 11: Claire finally faces her demons to get her life back on track
Antonia Thomas as Dr Claire Browne (IMDb)

Dr Claire Browne has gone through quite a lot in the past one year. Losing her father first and then her mother, losing her relationship, not being able to perform her best at work, all of this had left her distraught and confused.

When the show left us with its midseason finale, we saw her perform a surgery that ends up taking a heavy toll on her emotions. Having a breakdown made her realize that she needs help and so she reaches out to her former therapist. And with the winter premiere, we see that she finds herself a few steps ahead of where she was last.

While dealing with the case of a patient who turns out to be a drug mule, she reveals to Dr Marcus and Dr Melendez about her childhood experiences of being with a drug addict mother and how one act of forgiveness from her school security guard resulted in her becoming the person she is today — a respectable surgeon at a reputed institute.

Seeing how she has come to terms with her identity and her reality, instead of running away from it as she would earlier, it makes us feel good about Claire and where she stands now. Until a few weeks ago, we would have called her an escapist who tries to find ways to sweep her issues under the carpet instead of dealing with them. And here she is today, trying to change someone else's life, and in the process, changing her own too. Claire is healing, in a way, yes.

But as her therapist, Dr Malkin, observes that she might be investing herself overtly in other people's lives just so she can distract herself from facing her own fears. She is yet to talk about her mother and her relationship with her, come to terms with what happened and how it has affected her. Our understanding is that she is afraid of doing so as she feels that she might become her mother, which she even admits to Dr Melendez as they talk about Luca, her patient who breaks her trust eventually.

However, as the two doctors share their thoughts, it becomes clear that Dr Claire is no longer the confused, lost young woman. She is now a more evolved individual and an incredibly talented surgeon, who just needs a little more support to face her demons and get back her self-esteem.

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