‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 10 proves why doctors too should seek occasional psychiatric help

As Dr Claire Browne battles with her emotions and finally decides to get professional help, it shows that even the ones who save our lives are not free from their emotional struggles and they need as much help as any other individual.

                            ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 10 proves why doctors too should seek occasional psychiatric help
cast of The Good Doctor (Source : Getty Images)

Doctors hold high regards for the rest of the society. They are considered no less than gods. After all, they save us, or at least try their best to save us from medical conditions that can kill us. And when you see someone in that light, it is quite difficult to consider that they could also have their weak moments. We often disregard the fact that they can also have their demons to fight and despite being experienced medical professionals, they cannot always help themselves.

This came out all loud and clear in Episode 10 of ‘The Good Doctor’, when Claire, after contemplating for a while, eventually resorted to psychiatric help. The young resident surgeon has been fighting a series of tough situations on both her professional and personal front. She lost her parents, first her father, and then her mother, made a few mistakes at work, and ended up messing up her love life. Such a series of unfortunate events can drive anyone off the cliff. But as strong as Claire has proven herself to be over the years, she refuses to seek help, even from her friends.

However, when it comes to managing one’s emotions, there is a threshold for every human being, and finally Claire crossed hers. After a lot of denial on her mental state, she decided to see a shrink and get help and find the light at the end of the tunnel. This clearly shows that even the best doctors we know are not above us, when it is the question of mental health. And it is only practical to find the right resource and get support.

While we are talking about Claire, we also cannot forget about Dr Neil Melendez. Even he needed the right counseling and help after he lost his patient during a surgery. Being a doctor, especially a surgeon can be extremely stressful. Handling medical complications, along with their patient’s emotions can take a toll on their minds and body. And it’s not always that they can deal with all of it alone. Hence, they need to and should seek professional help, reach out for guidance and get themselves out of the tormenting mental state.

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