'The Goldbergs' season 6 promises some 'fun stuff' with Geoff and Erica, says Sam Lerner

'The Goldbergs' season 6 promises some 'fun stuff' with Geoff and Erica, says Sam Lerner

September 26 was a monumental day for all ‘The Goldbergs’ fans, considering the retro show recreated the magic on ‘Sixteen Candles’ to mark season 6 premiere. As always, the episode has many hilarious moments, with a special focus on Adam (portrayed by Sean Giambrone) struggling with the fact that his family forgot his birthday, thanks to the all-consuming romance between Geoff (portrayed by Sam Lerner) and Erica (portrayed by Hayley Orrantia). 

Their romance has been of great interest to fans for a while now and, according to Lerner, that is not going to change anytime soon. “There is some fun stuff with me and my girlfriend on the show, Erica,” he tells Meaww, reaffirming, “There is some good stuff.” 

We wonder what big storylines are going to hijack the lives of Erica and Geoff, although we suspect it is going to involve Geoff’s dad. Seeing as he is dating their precious daughter, it is only natural for the Goldbergs to want to know more about Geoff and his family and fans are going to get a clearer picture of what makes the Madman... erm... mad.  

Lerner’s father, Ken Lerner, who is an actor well-known for playing the unlucky sidekick on many successful TV shows and movies, will portray his on-screen father. An excited Lerner quips about this development, “My dad is going to be on the show playing my on-screen dad this season, which is great for me.” 

Overall, he has only a very few words to describe the ongoing season 6 of the ABC show that the cast is currently shooting for: “It’s going great.” 

Don’t forget to tune into ABC at 8/7 pm on Wednesdays to catch new episodes of ‘The Goldbergs' starting with 'You Got Zuko'd' on October 3.

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