'The Flight Attendant' Episode 6 and 7: Who is Felix? Here's what happened up to the finale

Also, Max and Annie declared their love for each other, and Annie now has the pink hello Kitty flash drive that Cassie used on the night Max was hit by a car

                            'The Flight Attendant' Episode 6 and 7: Who is Felix? Here's what happened up to the finale
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Spoilers for 'The Flight Attendant' Episodes 1 to 7

Episode 6 'After Dark' saw Cassie Bowden's (Kaley Cuoco) friendship with Annie Mouradian (Zosia Mamet) take a dark turn as danger continued to lurk everywhere for the alcoholic. Cassie, as a coping mechanism, runs from everything that's related to Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman) and his murder. Of course, knowing how she is with alcohol, we see her go through an alcohol drive escapade with Buckley Ware (Colin Woodell), which results in her ending up in prison. But now, leading up to Episode 8, the finale which will air on December 17, 2020, let's summarize what Episode 7 'Hitchcock Double' left us with. 

We finally see Cassie and Miranda Croft (Michelle Gomez) face-to-face at the start of Episode 7 'Hitchcock Double' where Miranda has Cassie at gunpoint demanding to know where the money is and who she works for. Poor broken Cassie keeps telling Miranda that she was just a flight attendant who works for Imperial Atlantic. In the commotion, Cassie tells Miranda, "all I know is that you are a homicidal crazy person that is going to kill me like you did Alex and Sabrina." Turns out quite a bit was revealed with that small conversation — the FBI agent that was following Cassie was dead, and Miranda said she didn't kill Alex or Sabrina. Cassie ended up slipping up and using the name Elena which she then admits to Miranda that she found when she and Alex found on the Lionfish servers. "You really are just a flight attendant, aren't you?" Miranda asked Cassie, only to follow it up with, "we are so f***ed!" — twice, loudly.

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Miranda and Cassie sit in a bar exchanging all that they know about Alex. Even though Cassie lets Miranda know that she knows that Miranda smuggled drugs, that Alex helped her launder money and of course, all about Lionfish, apparently she didn't know that Alex was a "boy scout". Miranda had had drinks with Alex a few weeks ago and ended up spilling too much about her boss and the smuggling operation. Alex was beginning to dig and found out that his parents were "dirty". He then, according to Miranda, decides to be a hero and hide a bunch of his client's money before flying to Bangkok. Cue, our drunk Cassie in the same city.

We are then taken to the night where the trio has drinks and Miranda told Alex that she has hidden what Alex has done from Victor (Ritchie Coster) but there must be other clients that want his "head on a stick". Alex, though, didn't seem too worried about it. Miranda tells Alex that she thinks that the other clients may have already hunted Alex down, and Casey could be a blonde sent to seduce him. But, Alex thinks that it's like insurance, if those people want their money back, they can't hurt him. He felt great about doing something, that he "deserved to take shots". Miranda suggested that he give her the money and she can tell Victor it was just a mistake, but Alex caught on and asked her if she was going to keep it for herself. 

Back to the present, with Cassie and Miranda at the bar. Miranda admits to Cassie that she was going to keep the money, that Alex was right. But, if Miranda didn't kill Alex, Sabrina or the FBI guy, who did? Cassie asks. Miranda thinks that Victor may have killed those people and that he may have figured out that Miranda had stayed in New York when he had asked her to leave. He also may have hired the goon to kill Miranda in her own car, and "probably used his pet psychopath Felix to kill Alex". Miranda tells Cassie that Victor had said he had a contingency plan for Cassie. "Felix is now your problem, he's probably out looking for you," she tells Cassie.

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Of course, Cassie, who's day-drinking with a woman that kills people (as ghost Alex pointed out) goes in her head to speak to ghost Alex who thinks she's making the wrong choices, again. Of course, she tells him to stay away and moves on with her "masterplan" to save her and Miranda. Meanwhile, the FBI has noticed Cassies' crashing after they got her file from the NYPD that shows her disorderly conduct, vandalism, and the need to steal a mechanical pony — thanks to her recent drunken night with Buckley. 

You must be wondering what Cassie's plan is. Yes, go to Annie, her sane best friend, who's in the hospital with Max (Deniz Akdeniz) who's very hurt because of Cassie. Also, on a side cute note, Buckley calls Cassie Miranda, and her wait for Annie suggesting if they could run away together, he thinks they have something "kind of amazing". Cassie admits that she likes him, maybe even "a lot" but only calls him when she's drunk and lonely and "that's not good", she tells him. He took that it's because he makes her feel better — cliche! Cassie tells him that she has to make different choices, "we gotta stop before this gets really started," she says and breaks his heart. That was the end of that, for now.

Meanwhile, Annie and Cassie have a heart-to-heart and after all the apologies and tears, Annie said that even though she's not with the firm anymore because she quit, she can still help by "making some calls". Cassie knows that since Miranda knows that Alex was killed because of stolen money, it exonerates her, but Miranda would need immunity from the FBI. Annie tells them to go sit tight in a hotel room, but Miranda knows that Cassie and she will become sitting ducks for Felix so she offers Cassie a chance to flee the country. Miranda also warned Cassie that Annie could be in danger if Victor found out she's helping them. So, Cassie hugs Annie really tight twice and goes with Miranda.

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They go to a church where Miranda's contact is at an AA meeting. Cassie gets really triggered here. She had recently again lied to her brother Davey (TR Knight) when he had called, and Miranda had told her that she doesn't get to say goodbye. "That's not how it works," she said. The ghost Alex in Cassie's mind tries to get her to speak to him at the AA, but Cassie ends up having a breakdown — she sees her dead father, Alex, and her young self everywhere around her. While she screams, we're taken back to her childhood, on the day her father had died as Cassie and Alex watch it unfold like a dream.

Young Cassie and her father were both drinking beer as he was driving and they crashed, and Cassie ran away from the scene. After the fog of the flashback clears, she admits to ghost Alex that she's never told anyone what had happened — not her brother or her mom. She blames herself for her father's death because she was his "drinking buddy". "I'm the reason that he's dead because he was spending that time with me," she tells Alex in tears. "I like it never actually happened to me, just like I did with you."

Back to reality, Cassie tells Miranda that she's not running away with her because she's done running. The duo sits in a Sunday school classroom to figure out a plan. Miranda really just wants the money, and Cassie tells her that she didn't see Alex with a pile of cash that fateful night. Obviously, Miranda tells a very naive Cassie that Alex would have hit it somewhere in a doubly encrypted account or bitcoin. Cue flashback to the night Alex was killed — Cassie remembers a novel that Alex was talking about. She tells Miranda she knows where the money is, guess who's ecstatic?

They go to Annie's home to find Cassie's bags where she found the novel 'Crime and Punishment' that she had taken from Alex that night. There it was, the accounts and encryption (look at the picture below.) But all is not well, they're surprised by a guy with a knife. They take the fire escape out, but Miranda ends up dropping the book which of course Felix gets. As Miranda was telling Cassie horror stories about Felix, Cassie stops to look at who the intruder was — it's BUCKLEY!

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The plan now is that Cassie will take her flight to Rome and work as usual, but Miranda will be on the flight as well. When Cassie gets to Rome, Miranda instructs her to stay in groups and take her shuttle to the hotel, and that Miranda will be in a cab behind her. Cassie will check-in and get Miranda an extra key under the name Katherine Obrien. Miranda tells Cassie that Felix likes to play it like a horror movie, and strike when his target has settled, so she tells Cassie to leave the hotel quickly. Miranda will then slip into the room ahead of Felix and then when he attacks Cassie when she gets home, Miranda will kill him. Of course, ghost Alex tells Cassie in her head to think about the plan because it does leave Cassie as bait. But Cassie says, "let's catch a killer!" The finale will definitely be interesting.

Side note: Max and Annie declared their love for each other, and Annie now has the pink hello Kitty flash drive that Cassie used on the night Max was hit by a car. Megan Briscoe (Rosie Perez) on the other hand is in a lot of trouble after her husband's laptop is found to have some sort of spyware on it and it is being thought of as computer espionage. So, her world is imploding since her husband knows that she did that. Last we see her, she's writing a letter.

The first three episodes of 'The Flight Attendant' premiered on HBO Max on Thursday, November 26, followed by two new episodes on December 3. Two more new episodes premiered on December 10, and the finale episode will premiere on December 17.

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