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'The Flash' Season 8 Episode 5: Will Mia join hands with Despero to kill Thawne?

Mia wants to kill Thawne, but Team Flash is not sure of that. However, Despero has some other plans
UPDATED DEC 15, 2021
Kat McNamara as Mia Queen in 'The Flash' Season 8 (The CW)
Kat McNamara as Mia Queen in 'The Flash' Season 8 (The CW)

The final episode from Season 8 of ‘The Flash’ has finally aired and it was everything that fans wanted it to be. Over the course of five weeks, we have been witnessing some of the most iconic moments in the show’s history and the finale was no different.

In Episode 4, we saw Barry fighting Thawne and defeating him. However, Thawne managed to return to 2021 and said that the fight hasn’t ended yet. So, the final episode starts from where the fourth one left off, Thawne is ready to hurt people so that Barry could come to him. He does that and attacks some police officers. However, it’s not Barry who comes to confront Thawne, instead, it is Mia Queen, aka Green Arrow, who makes an entry to fight Thawne.


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Thawne is fading and Mia tells him that he’s going to die soon. During the process, she also asks about her brother William. Thawne attacks Mia and when he was about to kill him, Barry comes and saves him. As soon as they come face to face, Thawne replies that he’s not here for a fight. He wants Team Flash to save him as he doesn’t want to die.

A few moments later, we get to know why Mia came to 2021. She came here to find her brother. She recalls what happened that fateful night. They both went to their father’s (Oliver Queen) statue and that’s where they were attacked by some people, taking William away with them. It’s been 2 years and he hasn’t been found.

Mia believes that Thawne should be killed however Team Flash believes they need to discuss it with everyone. Mia is not happy with the decision because he wants Thawne dead for whatever he has done to everyone.

Mia has come here to find her brother and if she has to kill anyone for that, she will. Iris West tells her that there was a time when her father also wanted this and there were situations when Oliver wanted to kill almost everyone. But, he knew he was better and decided to go with people getting justice.

The entire scenario ended with Despero (Tony Curran) coming to 2021 and possessing Mia in order to kill Thawne because he believes that if Thawne is alive, then 'Armageddon' could be started again.

Will they let Thawne die? Or they will save him? It would be interesting to see what happens next.