'The Flash' Season 6 Episode 5: Harrison Nash Wells may know how to save Barry Allen from dying, but can he be trusted?

'The Flash' Season 6 Episode 5: Harrison Nash Wells may know how to save Barry Allen from dying, but can he be trusted?

This article contains spoilers for 'The Flash' Season 6 Episode 5: 'Kiss Kiss Breach Breach'

While the chunk of the episode dealt with Carlos Valdes' Cisco Ramon stepping up to the task of being the leader for Team Flash, the final minutes dropped a shocker when Harrison Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) says he knows how to save Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) from dying in the 'Crisis'. 

It all begins when he and Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) get trapped in the tunnels and the latter goes on to tell Nash the importance of being in a team and having people around him who he can trust. He also opens up about The Monitor's (LaMonica Garrett) message to Barry and how the team is trying its best to save the Scarlet Speedster. The duo is eventually rescued by Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) and Wells offers to help out and says "I know how to save Barry Allen'. 

Now it's time for the million-dollar question. Can the man be trusted to do so?

Well, yes and no. The man knows what he is doing and his introductory episode is proof. He is a man on a mission hunting for The Monitor and right now there isn't a concrete reason as to why. For starters, he agreed to help Cisco and Barry in 'There Will Be Blood' so that they could help build him a crypto gun. So unless he gets something out of this, there's no real reason to help save Barry. Or maybe, Joe's fatherly advice rubbed off on him. 

As for the no part of the answer, this man's action could be because of the theory that he, in fact, could be Pariah. The last minutes of 'There Will Be Blood' saw him back in the Central City Sewer and the grid reveals the Monitor walking through the sewer, leading us to deduce that he was looking for the cosmic entity all along. 


However, with his final act of striking down the wall, fans have theorized he may have released the Anti-Monitor on the earth.  According to the comics, this could transform him into the Pariah, who was summoned by the Anti-Monitor and launched the multiverse-shattering battle. In his attempts to know how the universe was created, he grabs the evil entity's attention who uses his experiment to free himself from the prison created by his brother, The Monitor. Now free, he starts annihilating the multiverse.

It's just a lot of speculation at this stage. But with the Arrowverse known for springing surprises, it remains to be seen what Wells' true intentions are.

'The Flash' airs Tuesdays 8 pm on The CW. 


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