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'The Flash' Season 6 Episode 15: Is Reverse Flash gone? Fans say he's a 'speedster cockroach' that will return

Team Flash might have gotten rid of Reverse Flash for now, but he isn't gone forever
UPDATED MAR 20, 2020
Tom Cavanagh as Nash Wells (The CW)
Tom Cavanagh as Nash Wells (The CW)

Over the course of six seasons, we have witnessed several terrifying villains on 'The Flash'. Yet, none have intimidated him and played on his vulnerabilities like the sinister Eobard Thawne/ Reverse Flash. Even though Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has managed to defeat him several times, including killing him, Thawne still finds a way back and attempts to destroy the Scarlet Speedster. 

Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) has been rather perplexed about why he has been 'ghosts' of himself, including Season 5's 'Sherloque' and even Reverse Flash. The recent episodes confirmed that Reverse Flash has found a way to live inside Nash Wells. The only good thing is that while being inside Nash, he has lost his speedster powers.

In the latest episode, Thawne enters the dark parts of Nash Wells' psyche and realizes that he was engulfed in guilt over the death of his daughter Maya, in another universe. Overwrought with grief, Nash is initially unable to prevent Thawne from getting to him. However, with a little help from Team Flash, he takes control of his pain and soon Thawne is 'exorcised'.

This isn't without a fight though. Thawne, who had erased Barry and Iris's (Candice Patton) daughter from history, tries to play on Barry's emotions as well. He tells Barry that he wasn't a good father to Nora. With tears streaming down his face, Barry still manages to overpower Thawne, as he has made grief his strength. Leaning into this emotional strength, Barry is able to stave off Thawne.

The writers always leave that small loophole to bring the evil villain back. Thawne might be gone for now but is still present in some form, looking around for a body to capture again. 

Fans know for sure that Reverse Flash isn't gone and that he will be back soon. "Thawne is a speedster cockroach, he’ll definitely be back," wrote a fan.

"Yeah, I don’t think Thawne is gone. He’s like a cockroach," wrote another fan. Another tweeted, "#theflash that’s not gonna be the last time we see reverse flash." 

Some are wondering who will be the new host for Thawne. "Yeah definitely thinking Cecile is going to be Thawne's new host. I mean she was psychically linked to Nash when Thawne was ejected," a fan tweeted.

Another fan asked if the original Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher) could return. "Time for Matt Letscher to shine," tweeted a fan. "WAITTTT WHAT IF THAWNE IS IN BARRY," another wondered.