'The Father Who Moves Mountains' Review: Nerve-wracking thriller keeps you hooked

A worried parent does everything in his power to find his missing son

                            'The Father Who Moves Mountains' Review: Nerve-wracking thriller keeps you hooked
A still from 'The Father Who Moves Mountains' (IMDb)

Contains minor spoilers for movie

Netflix movie 'The Father Who Moves Mountains' is an adventure film directed by Daniel Sandu. The Romanian drama follows the tale of a retired intelligence officer who goes in search of his son who goes missing in the mountains. The 2021 thriller leaves you with a lasting impression - the way some books, movies and people tend to do.

The drama joins the list of Netflix’s scintillating foreign content which includes 'Dark', 'Into the Night' and 'The Murders of Valhalla'.


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Retired intelligence officer Mircea is overly distraught, overidden with guilt and angst, when his son Cosmin goes missing whilst on a mountain hike with his supposed girlfriend. The man with a plan takes matters into his own hands when every door keeps closing in on him - confronting a possible avalanche in the mountains and plunging into a dangerous rescue mission.

To carry the operation forward, he is helped by some of his best trained colleagues in the field. Mircea is adviced time and again to stay put but nothing can stop a strong and adamant mind, and so he gears up to search for his son.

To be honest, the first half of the story moves at a snail's pace, even after what happened is pretty clear. The movie describes how Mircea pushes his way through (waving the authority card) into the rescue operations led by professional Cristian Nistor (played by Valeriu Andriuta), who lends a helping hand and directs his team of experienced mountaineers with skill and protocol.

They strive for days together and achieve nothing. Having said that, Cosmin and his girlfriend have been missing for four days straight and any glimmer of hope of finding them alive is fading by the second.

Halfway into the film, Mircea calls in a big, illegal favor from the Romanian Intelligence Service, which is led by major Filip (played by Tudor Smoleanu). The team of professionals come fully equipped - cavalry with tents, electronic equipment, helicopters, trained men. With their organised work ethic and perseverance, Mircea continues to think that all is not lost; that his son is just trapped somewhere in the snow-capped mountains. This unwavering belief of his is what solely carries the weight of the film till the end. You can actually imagine what their reunion would be like.

The movie will have its audience wrapped around the storyline throughout and you'll find yourself holding onto the edge of your seats!

'The Father who moves mountains' is currently streaming on Netflix.

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