When will 'The Family Chantel' return? Here's what to expect when show comes back for Season 3

Season 2 closed off with a drama between Pedro and Chantel as well as newly married couple Angenette and Royal because of Karen. Nicole and Alejandro too left off at crossroads

                            When will 'The Family Chantel' return? Here's what to expect when show comes back for Season 3
Karen Everett and Chantel Jimeno (TLC)

TLC's hit show 'The Family Chantel' Season 2 drew to a close this week. The last episode did a decent job tying all the loops. Royal and Angenette got married, Karen was nice to Angenette's family, Alejandro told Nicole he will try to finalize his divorce in the next couple of months and Pedro was just being Pedro. It was one of the most anti-climatic endings to a reality TV show that we've ever seen whose popularity was based on the drama between the family members. We were expecting a spectacle, fireworks, people dragging each other (not in the literal sense though) but none of that happened, everything went on smoothly. The penultimate episode we'd say was the best this season, nothing can beat Lidia chasing after Alejandro with her purse in a public park. Compared to that, the closing episode was a huge disappointment.

Despite the lack of shenanigans that everyone expects 'The Family Chantel' to dole out, fans of the show have been asking about what's next. As for the release date of Season 3, it can't be determined at this point because the network hasn't announced it yet. However, we can take our guesses about what to expect when the show returns on TLC. One thing that was very noticeable, especially in the last episode was the tension between Chantel and Pedro. She constantly appeared to have this angry energy whenever Pedro spoke, during their confessionals to the camera. The couple who fought so much for their relationship to sustain on '90 Days Fiance' barely spoke to each other in the last couple of episodes.

Questions about their relationship and if they are still together, have constantly been raised amongst their fans and the show audiences and Chantel has clarified that they're doing just fine. But from what we've seen, we did sense a little bit of trouble there. Chantel's social media reveals that they're spending the holidays together and that gives us some hope but things change too much too quickly with people living their lives in the public eye. We can hope that the next season provides more clarity about what's going on between the two and in the same breath, we'd like to add that we wish them the best. 

Karen suddenly went coy in the last episode but one can fully expect her return to her natural character and provide the much-needed dramatics in Season 3. With Pedro married now, audiences can expect Karen to channel her energies to dissect River's relationship next. Coming to Nicole and Pedro, there way things ended between them, we don't have a good feeling about it and from the looks of it, Nicole is going to end up being hurt. We sincerely hope not.

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