'The Family Business' Season 2 moving to streaming on BET+ might have been the best thing for the show

The show has a massive audience despite being on the small screen for just two seasons now

                            'The Family Business' Season 2 moving to streaming on BET+ might have been the best thing for the show
'The Family Business' (BET+)

While in the past most of us used to make sure our shows were recording so we don't miss it or gathered friends and family weekly to watch a new episode of a favorite series, now, the times have drastically changed. We have the magic of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and the home of 'The Family Business,' BET+.

A series has a certain level of freedom when it comes to creativity and duration when they are part of a streamer, as networks are known to have their own passive restrictions. In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) Darrin Dewitt Henson aka Orlando Duncan, speaks on how 'The Family Business' being on BET+ has affected the audience and the viewership. 

Six episodes of the second season dropped on July 2 and now the next episodes will be released weekly. While Henson had no direct answer as to why this was the release scheduled for the series, he did speak on the streaming platform. "I think streaming platforms are a normal thing now and also the possibility is endless of what we can do with the show and where we can take it. BET+, is a new streaming platform that people are used to watching. We're looking forward to 10,15, 20 years of 'The Family Business,'" said Henson.

Henson also explained how the show has benefited, like many others, by being on a streaming platform. "Everybody streams, I sit down and at whatever given time, and I no longer watch one show, like I want to watch three or four shows consistently or perpetually, which means, if I sat down and I watched 'The Family Business' -  one episode is just not enough," said Henson explaining how shows on streaming platforms are just the new normal now. "One of my other favorite shows is Queen of the South. And I've watched that three or four times,you know, a full season. When people enjoy a show, people sit down."

Speaking on how binge-watching series have become a "thing," Henson continued, "The reason that they [the audience] watch something again is because they know how they're going to feel by watching it. They know they're going to feel excited, they know they're going to feel the suspense and they know they're gonna feel turned on by a certain theme." The actor called this a "level of certainty" that people have when they watch a series, "So I think that's what streaming does and that's what that platform does is it gives the audience a sense of certainty of whatever it is that they choose they want to feel that day," concluded the actor.

Season 2 of 'The Family Business' premiered on July 2, 2020, with six episodes, an hour each. Episodes are released weekly now, on BET+.

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