'Pandora': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything you need to know about The CW's futuristic sci-fi show

'Pandora': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything you need to know about The CW's futuristic sci-fi show

The CW's new series 'Pandora' is the last in the long list of intergalactic sci-fi TV dramas. The Mark Altman-created series is set 100 years in the future, where a mass migration has been happening to other planets after the realization sets in that the resources of the planet are very limited.

Humans and other alien races have formed what seems to a union of planets called EarthCon. It is here that most of the show is set, and our protagonist is stationed and learns how to protect the galaxy from inter-galactic threats.

Release date

The CW's 'Pandora' will premiere with episode one 'Shelter From The Storm' on July 16, 2019.  

Actress Priscilla Quintana plays the protagonist of The CW's 'Pandora' Jax (Getty Images)


Set in the year 2199, 'Pandora' is the story of a resourceful young woman who builds a new life at Earth's Space Training Academy after losing everything. She and her friends there learn how to defend the galaxy from various threats – both alien and human.

When the truth of her identity comes to light, she must try and stay on top of things. The big question is, will she be humanity's savior or will she be the instrument of its destruction?


Priscilla Quintana stars as the protagonist Jax in 'Pandora'. She is struggling to cope with the loss of her home and family, while trying to build a new life, and find a new meaning to her existence. Actor Oliver Dench, best known for his role as Sam Warner in 'The Athena' plays Xander Duvall, while actress Raechelle Banno portrays Atria Nine in The CW show.

Mark A. Altman is the co-creator of 'Pandora,' along with his long-time collaborator Steve Kriozere (Getty Images)

Actor Noah Huntley portrays the intimidating Professor Donovan Osborne at the academy that Jax studies in. He also happens to be Jax’s uncle.


The upcoming CW show is created by Mark A. Altman, who is also the brains behind TNT's hit show, 'The Librarians,' and 'Agent X'. He is partnering again with his long-time collaborator Steve Kriozere for 'Pandora'. Together, they have worked on ABC's 'Castle' and USA Network's 'Necessary Roughness'. 


Where to watch

When the show premieres on July 16, you can watch on The CW and The CW Seed app. 

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