'The Crown' Season 5 will see Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, upset fans ask 'can't they think outside GoT?'

Curious about who's joining Imelda Stanton and Leslie Manville in the cast of Seasons 5 and 6? You might already know him through some not so pleasant characters before

                            'The Crown' Season 5 will see Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, upset fans ask 'can't they think outside GoT?'
Jonathan Pryce and Prince Philip (Getty Images)

While the fourth season of Netflix's highly acclaimed and fan-favorite original 'The Crown' continues to dwell behind the curtains, the fifth season's casting announcements are already making giants waves of disappointment. Going beyond their usual devoted support, fans are now complaining about how the series needs to "get outside" of yet another very popular English period drama, 'Game of Thrones' and should have just "stuck with the original cast".

A few short hours back, the Netflix drama surrounding the reigning Monarch of English, Queen Elizabeth, announced who they had zeroed in for the charismatic Prince Philip. Fans of the UK drama don't really have to look far to spot our king in the future. Joining the cast in the role of the Queen's husband Prince Philip in Season 5 is none other than Jonathan Pryce, who is known for playing the High Sparrow in 'Game of Thrones'.

Olivia Coleman stepping into the role of the Queen from Season 3 and Imelda Staunton arriving to fill the shoes in the fifth has already garnered some massive ripples of agreement among the show's fandom but looks like despite Pryce's skilled expertise at playing seasoned antagonists, fans think there could have been a more diverse pool of options to pick from. Not another 'GoT' actor, basically.

"Really?!?!?! Can't they go outside of GOT?? I don't think he has the right look for Philip," complained a fan under an Instagram post that Entertainment Weekly had shared teasing fans with the news. Another wrote: "He's the most hated villain in Outlander too but come on, him?" Others quipped using the very same word to chastise the decision that Pryce's High Sparrow did in the HBO drama and just commented "Shame!" Another protested loudly, writing: "Noooooooo, They should have just kept the original cast!!!" Perhaps a more rational fan explained it better: "Ugh I can't look at him and not hate him for his role in Outlander. But I will try to watch S4S5 of the Crown. They got me as long as they got Olivia."

As of now, Pryce won't be arriving before the already greenlit Season 5 that's expected to drop sometime in 2022. Pryce will also be joining Staunton and Leslie Manville as the Queen's sister, Margaret in Seasons 5 and 6 that will focus around the lives of the British Royals in the 1990s and the 2000s. Some of the significant events from the age include Princess Diana's explosive book 'Diana: Her True Story' and inevitable her death in a car accident in 1997.

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