'The Crown' Season 3: You won't miss Claire Foy after looking at Olivia Colman in the first teaser

In the teaser of 'The Crown', onlookers can practically see Claire Foy reanimating into Olivia Colman before their very own eyes.

                            'The Crown' Season 3: You won't miss Claire Foy after looking at Olivia Colman in the first teaser

With a cast revival, 'The Crown' is all set to make its way back to Netflix with more political rivalries and relationship woes during Queen Elizabeth II's reign. As the makers dropped the new teaser, it shows Olivia Colman taking the place of Claire Foy as the Queen.

In the teaser, onlookers can practically see Foy reanimating into Colman before their very own eyes as their profiles lie stacked side-by-side on an easel in Buckingham Palace. The new profile happens to be "an elegant reflection of Her Majesty's transition from a young woman to a settled sovereign."  

Queen Elizabeth's transition from a young woman to a settled sovereign. (Netflix)

"A great many changes. Nothing one can do about it. One just has to get on with it," Queen Elizabeth responds. Colman's first words in the trailer seem to concur with the viewers' feelings as they see a whole new set of actors reprising the roles of their favorite characters after the leap! 

No sooner did the teaser drop on Twitter, many fans were excited to see whether the actress would be able to step into Foy's shoes. It seems like they are already impressed. "Can’t wait for Olivia Colman to dominate awards season next year for The Crown. All will be right with the world again," one user posted on the micro-blogging site and a second one wrote: "Olivia Colman should be on a stamp already."

Calling the show a "masterpiece", one viewer posted: "So I started The Crown out of curiosity and solely because Olivia Colman and Gillian Anderson are going to be in it. But this show is a masterpiece, I'm totally hooked. I'm finishing S2 as I'm typing and I already can't wait for S3 in November."

Olivia Colman's portrayal of Queen Elizabeth has already impressed viewers. (Netflix)

"After Olivia Colman is done with The Crown she should play all the queens in Six, I don’t care if she can’t sing she could do it," one user wrote, and another one tweeted, "Olivia Colman as the Queen in #thecrown I can see an Emmy award coming along. I met Olivia last winter at a fitting at her beautiful home a lovely lady."

The third season arrives on Netflix on November 17 and by the first looks, the cast seems perfect to replace them for the time jump as most of them look quite similar to their real-life counterparts and are recognized for their previous performances. 

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