'The Crown' season 3: Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies and 10 other new stars in the show

'The Crown' season 3: Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies and 10 other new stars in the show

Created by showrunner Peter Morgan, Netflix original drama 'The Crown' chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times. Ever since it was broadcast, the talented cast has been a treat to the eyes. Now, that the show is ready for its third season, the cast has been revamped to play the character's older years and the reign from 1964 to 1970. 

Bidding goodbye to actors like Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Elleen Atkins, Pip Torrens, and Vanessa Kirby will break many hearts, especially since they have become distinctive 'faces' of the British royal family. A new cast is ready to replace them for the time jump and if compared, most of them look quite similar to their real-life counterparts.

Queen Elizabeth II

Olivia Colman, who won the Oscar for playing a different queen in the 2018 film 'The Favourite', has been cast as Queen Elizabeth II in season three of Netflix’s royal biopic. Talking about the moment she knew she was being considered for the role, she told RadioTimes.com: "I got a phone call from my agent when I was in a car [telling her that she had been asked to meet with director Peter Morgan],” she said. “I think I had fairly recently finished watching the first series, which I think I had done in about three nights – and so I was very excited. My agent was trying to be subtle, not knowing who was in the car with me and she went, ‘It’s something about a tiara’, and I went, ‘Oh, it’s 'The Crown'!'”


Taking the role after Claire Foy, she said in a release, "I was utterly gripped watching it. A proper 'just one more' feeling. I think Claire Foy is an absolute genius. She's an incredibly hard act to follow. I'm basically going to rewatch every episode and copy her."

Prince Philip

After a prolonged search, Tobias Menzies was finalized in March 2018 as Prince Philip. On working with Colman, he said: "I look forward to becoming her [Olivia Colman] leige man of life and limb." Shedding light on his preparation for the role, he told RadioTimes.com: “I just listened to him loads. It’s partly a technical thing: you want to sound and look like him, but move like him too. I’ve gone slightly crazy just listening to him and listening to him.”




Queen Mother

Marion Bailey, who has played significant parts in 'Allied' and 'Mr. Turner' will play the Queen Mother. As Bailey said: "Wonderful to be joining 'The Crown'. It’s a brilliant show and we have a tough act to follow but what a gift to be playing the fascinating and greatly loved Queen Mother. Thrilled to be on board and working with such a top-notch team." Bailey inherits the role of Victoria Hamilton.

Prince Charles

'Ripper Street' and 'Peaky Blinders' fame Josh O’Connor will play the young-adult version of Prince Charles. At the BFI and Radio Times Television Festival, he said, "What [writer] Peter Morgan does is that he doesn’t just present us with what we can see on YouTube. He goes behind the closed doors. It’s ticking little things people can register and identify as Prince Charles but going beyond that and creating a full character that isn’t just Prince Charles, and is something else.”


Princess Margaret

Helena Bonham Carter, known for playing Bellatrix Lestrange in the 'Harry Potter' series, has taken on the role of Princess Margaret after Vanessa Kirby.



Prime Minister Harold Wilson

Jason Watkins will play Prime Minister Harold Wilson in 'The Crown' season three. About the character, he said, "Harold Wilson is a significant and fascinating character in our history. Looking forward to bringing him to life through a decade that transformed us culturally and politically."

Camilla Parker-Bowles

Emerald Fennell will join the cast of 'The Crown' to play Camilla Parker Bowles, earlier known as Camilla Rosemary Shand. The actor will portray the close bond with Prince Charles in early days, especially the 1990s, when the affair turned into tabloid fodder and came into the eyes of the public. 


Fennell expresses in a statement: “I absolutely love Camilla, and am very grateful that my teenage years have well prepared me for playing a chain-smoking serial snogger with a pudding bowl hair cut.”

Lord Snowdon

Ben Daniels will play Antony Armstrong-Jones, Lord Snowdon. Known for his roles in 'Never The Sinner' and '900 Oneonta', he is thrilled to portray the 'dynamic' and 'complex' man.



Princess Anne

Erin Doherty will play Princess Anne in the third season of 'The Crown'. She is known for her roles in 'Les Misérables' (2018) and 'Call the Midwife' (2012).


Princess Diana Spencer

Emma Corrin is set to step into the shoes of Lady Diana Spencer. While viewers are anticipating to see her character arc in the show, reports say her character won't be introduced until season four. Apart from that, 'Game of Thrones' star Charles Dance will also be seen in an 'unknown' role. If rumors are to be believed, he will play Prince Charles’ favorite great-uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten. Moreover, former 'The X-Files' star Gillian Anderson is said to play former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 'The Crown's fourth season.


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