'The Crisis On Infinite Earths': Did 'Kingdom Come' Superman's life change for the better?

In the finale of 'The Crisis On Infinite Earths', 'Kingdom Come' Superman's emblem has changed from yellow to black.

                            'The Crisis On Infinite Earths': Did 'Kingdom Come' Superman's life change for the better?
Danielle Panabaker, Elizabeth Tulloch, Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh (IMDb)

After a gruelling face-off with the Anti-Monitor in the epic conclusion to 'The Crisis On Infinite Earths', the Arrowverse heroes finally managed to save the multiverse from destruction. In the fifth episode, we got a glimpse of the different worlds and the new peace. We saw Earth-96, where 'Kingdom Come' Superman was well. There was a small difference, this time. The 'S' crest had turned from black to yellow.

In Part 3 of 'The Crisis Of Infinite Earths', Brandon Routh's Superman had explained to Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) why he had opted for black and red emblem. "When I put this on – this crest – I made a promise," he explained. "To keep fighting. No matter what. Because, Lois, even in the darkest times, hope cuts through. Hope is the light that lifts us out of darkness." He had just returned from unsuccessfully saving another Earth from the Anti-Monitor's anti-matter wave.


'Kingdom Come' Superman was a distraught person, as he had lost a lot in life. He had lost his 'Daily Planet' colleagues, Lois, Perry White and Jimmy Olson in a devastating gas attack. In 'Kingdom Come', Joker had carried out the attack, even though he is not explicitly mentioned in the Crisis.

He had probably taken on the black crest after the catastrophe, as a sign of mourning. No reason was explicitly stated in 'Kingdom Come', why Superman had changed his logo, but his reason in 'Crisis On Infinite Earths' seems to definitely make sense. He wished to restore hope to a lawless society.

Now that the color has changed, it's quite possible that he got his friends and family back. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) had restored the multiverse, and merged all the worlds of Supergirl, Flash and Black Lightning and they were all on one Earth.

Is this the last we see of Brandon Routh's Superman? Let's hope we see more of him.

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