The Cranberries announce expanded deluxe re-issue of 'No Need to Argue' with 19 previously unreleased songs

The Cranberries announce expanded deluxe re-issue of 'No Need to Argue' with 19 previously unreleased songs
The Cranberries (Press handout)

The iconic Irish rock group The Cranberries are priming to release an expanded deluxe re-issue of their massively successful album, 'No Need to Argue' on September 18. The original sophomore studio LP, which included their most commercially successful single 'Zombie', was released in 1994. It was the band's biggest-selling record with global sales in excess of 17 million.

One of those forever-catchy tunes that every aspiring guitarist would use as their go-to to boast their instrument-playing and vocal skills, 'Zombie' is a timeless classic and it will be epic to hear a remastered version. It received the chart crown at No 1 on many national and international charts such as the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, the Triple J Hottest 100, 1994 chart, and the charts in Australia, France, Germany, and more. In 1995, 'Zombie' won the 'Best Song' award at the MTV Europe Music Awards.


With over 1 billion views on YouTube, the 'Zombie' music video has made The Cranberries "the only Irish band to pass this milestone and putting them in a very small club of artists to do so," according to a press release statement. Island Records, which released 'No Need to Argue', is joined by UMe on the remastered and expanded version. 

The expanded 2CD and digital versions of the LP include a remaster of the album along with three B-sides: 'Away', 'I Don't Need', and 'So Cold In Ireland' from the original tapes. Additionally, 19 previously unreleased tracks will feature on the new LP, including two songs not officially released in any format: 'Yesterday’s Gone' (recorded unplugged for MTV in New York in 1995) and a demo of 'Serious', which until now has only existed as a low quality live bootleg on YouTube. The 2CD edition features previously unseen photographs taken from the album photo sessions.


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Fans can expect more goodies on the deluxe re-issue. See the tracklist below:

2020 remaster and extras

1. 'Ode to My Family'
2. 'I Can’t Be With You'
3. 'Twenty One'
4. 'Zombie'
5. 'Empty'
6. 'Everything I Said'
7. 'The Icicle Melts'
8. 'Disappointment'
9. 'Ridiculous Thoughts'
10. 'Dreaming My Dreams'
11. 'Yeats’ Grave'
12. 'Daffodil Lament'
13. 'No Need to Argue'


B-sides and extras

14. 'Yesterday’s Gone (MTV Unplugged)'
15. 'Away'
16. 'I Don’t Need'
17. 'So Cold in Ireland'
18. '(They Long to Be) Close to You'
19. 'Zombie (A Camel’s Hump Remix by the Orb)'

Demos and live tracks

Magic Shop Demos:

1. 'Song to My Family'
2. 'So Cold in Ireland'
3. 'Empty'
4. 'Ridiculous Thoughts'
5. 'Everything I Said'
6. 'Yeats’ Grave'


7. 'Serious'
8. 'Away'
9. 'I Don’t Need'

Live @ Liverpool Royal Court 14.10.1994:

10. 'Dreaming My Dreams'
11. 'Daffodil Lament'
12. 'The Icicle Melts'
13. 'No Need to Argue'
14. 'Empty'

Live @ National Stadium, Milton Keynes, 30.07.1995:

15. 'I Can’t Be With You'
16. 'Ridiculous Thoughts'
17. 'Zombie'


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