Why is 'The Conners' Season 3 Episode 7 not airing this week? Here's when ABC show returns with more comedy

There's not much information about what happens in the upcoming episodes, with ABC not even sharing the title of Episode 7

                            Why is 'The Conners' Season 3 Episode 7 not airing this week? Here's when ABC show returns with more comedy

After Darlene almost kicked her daughter Harris out and Becky evolved to become a spokesperson for her coworkers protesting the mandatory supervised drug tests at work, anticipation builds up for what's next on 'The Conners' Season 3. Sadly, the wait is going to be longer than usual to find out what's coming next, as the ABC spin-off of 'Roseanne' is not airing this week. Or in the weeks to come immediately after. Worry not, the show hasn't been canceled and will return very much just as lively as usual, all the way in January 2021. But until then, read on to find out why there are no new episodes of 'The Conners' this week.

After some pretty iconic, funny, hilarious and extremely relatable episodes, 'The Conners' has finally gone on its Season 3 winter break, with Episode 6 as the winter finale of this ongoing third season. The reason behind the break is of course the designated winter one, where network shows space out their 22-24 episodes per season by taking time off during the holiday season. They know nobody would enjoy spending another minute glued to the screen when the prospect of meeting your loved ones and enjoying some quality time with them is on the horizon. Sounds particularly appealing after spending a whole year in self-quarantine, so why bother with airing their finest comedy on the telly, right?

Instead, the series takes time off for all of six weeks, perhaps to shoot the latter half of the season as strict Covid-19 social distancing guidelines are restricting a lot of fluidity during filming. But for those wondering when 'The Conners' resumes, the comedy returns with Season 3 Episode 7 on Wednesday, January 13, at its usual 9 pm time slot on ABC. There's not much information out on what happens in the Winter Premiere episode though, with ABC not even so much as naming a title for Episode 7. 

In the preceding Episode 6, which was the winter finale titled 'Protest, Drug Test and One Leaves the Nest', we saw "Harris' job in jeopardy after joining a protest she strongly believes in, leading to tense discussions within the family. Jackie makes a visit to Wellman Plastics only to realize the company is instituting supervised drug testing, inspiring Becky to lead her own protest." With this season showing a glaringly realistic true to life portrayal of what this year has been, expect more such encounters the characters have in the episodes to come. That, and of course, some major nostalgia kicking cameos look on the cards too!

'The Conners' Season 3 airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM only on ABC.

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