'The Clearing': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Crackle Plus' zombie horror

'The Clearing': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Crackle Plus' zombie horror
Liam McIntyre (Crackle Plus)

Nothing quite as chilling as a summertime horror, right? At least Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment thinks so as Crackle Plus has recently announced its soon to be arriving original action-horror for all your zombie geeks out there. Dropping right at the onset of June, the movie titled 'The Clearing' is set to give one all the dystopian apocalyptic thrill in case you've been missing out on them amidst a full-blown pandemic. Here's all you need to know about it!


Release date

All set to leave you terrified, 'The clearing' arrives on Thursday, June 4, on Crackle Plus.


Setting the premise of a typical onscreen zombie apocalypse, 'The Clearing' "unfolds amid tensions between Tom and his wife over his parental responsibilities and the time he spends with his young daughter Mira. Tom takes Mira on a camping trip, only to discover the impending disaster that leaves the pair trapped in a clearing in the woods, fighting to make it out alive," reveals Bloody Disgusting, who also exclusively released the trailer for the movie. The impending disaster here happened to be a mysterious disease outbreak so be prepared to undergo some next level relatable experience.



Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntyre attends the 9th AACTA International Awards at Mondrian Los Angeles on January 03, 2020, in West Hollywood, California (Getty Images)

'Spartacus' actor Liam McIntyre returns to the screen as Tom, the father who takes his young daughter on a trip. 


Aundrea Smith of 'Diary of a Future President' plays Mira. and 'GLOW' star Sydelle Noel plays the role of Mira's mom and Tom's wife. Kickboxer's Steven Swadling also stars.

Steven Swadling attends AFM'16 The Exchange's 5 Year Anniversary Celebration on November 1, 2016, in Santa Monica, California (Getty Images)


Writer-director David Matalon makes his feature directorial debut with 'The Clearing', which he claims was an attempt at paying homage to all the classic zombie tropes in pop culture, while spinning his own personal take on the sub-genre. "For the segment of our audience that loves zombie movies, The Clearing follows in the footsteps of our other horror offerings, such as Office Uprising and the Dead Rising film series," said Crackle Plus president Philippe Guelton. "This film will deliver an action-packed distraction that our fans are craving right now."



A mysterious outbreak transcending into a zombie apocalypse. Watch it here at your own risk; you've been warned.

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