'The Circle' Season 4: Yu Ling is shocked as she finally meets her 'frat boy' crush Nathan

'The Circle' Season 4: Yu Ling is shocked as she finally meets her 'frat boy' crush Nathan
Alex aka Nathan and Yu Ling in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)

Spoilers for ‘The Circle’ Season 4

'The Circle' Season 4 is about to end its run on Netflix and a new winner is about to be named. The previous episode ended in a cliffhanger where it was revealed that either Eversen or catfish Nathan who is originally Alex Brizard will be the fifth finalist. In the final episode, the last safe player was revealed to be cruise director Eversen and he will be joining Frank, Yu Ling, Imani (Trevor), and Rachel to compete for the win.

Alex who was blocked was crushed to find out that he lost despite working so hard. 25-year-old marketing consultant Yu Ling, who has been flirting with Nathan not knowing that it was actually Alex, is sad about his elimination. She mentions that her most fun moment in ‘The Circle’ was flirting with Nathan. As Alex consoles himself after being blocked, he is given the opportunity to meet one player face to face and he picks Yu ling.


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Alex, a commercial banker from Arizona entered the game as catfish, Nathan, a 22-year-old "frat dude". Yu Ling began to flirt with him when she was trying to figure out if Nathan was the profile the Spice Girls were using to catfish the other players. She had even stated in an earlier episode confessional: " I would happily flirt with Nathan if that means I can get him on my side." In last week's episode, both he and Yu-Ling took their flirtatious relationship to the next level when they send each other "hot images" of themselves and also shared many steamy messages. Yu-Ling who doesn’t know that Nathan is actually Alex is in for a surprise.

Alex's catfish profile, Nathan in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)

In the final episode, when Nathan was revealed to be blocked, Yu Ling wishes he would come to visit her. As fate would have it, Alex knocks on her door and enters the room to reveal his identity to a shocked Yu Ling. She calls the moment "wild" however she lets him know that she had a great time flirting with him. Alex however says that it was so awkward for him as he has a girlfriend back home. However, he mentions that his girlfriend had given him full permission to do whatever he wants to progress in the game.

Nathan (Alex Brizard) in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)

Alex also describes his strategy to Yu Ling and says that he wanted other players to think that he was here only for girls. He dumbed down his profile so he wouldn’t come across as threatening at all. He wishes Yu Ling the best and they both part ways on pleasant terms.

Yu Ling in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)

When the other players discover Nathan’s real identity, their jaw drops and they burst out laughing as they poke fun at Yu Ling. Frank even asks Yu Ling if she is okay. Yu Ling reveals that her "eyebrows were incinerated" when Alex walked into the room. She reveals how she was aggressively flirting with the sweet man while he was actually in the corner shaking and cringes at the wild messages she shared with Nathan not knowing that it was actually Alex.

The final episode of 'The Circle' Season 4 is available on Netflix.

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