How many partners did Cory Wharton change? 'The Challenge' fans say he 'isn’t doing anything this season'

How many partners did Cory Wharton change? 'The Challenge' fans say he 'isn’t doing anything this season'
Cory Wharton of 'The Challenge' (Cory/ Instagram)

Cory Wharton sat out of the daily task for the second time. He was a rogue agent. He's frustrated and you could see it in the way he gently nodded when host TJ Lavin said he had been benched. But that's just the format of the game, you don't have a partner, you don't compete. It's 'Double Agents' for a reason.

His last partner Amber Martinez was defeated in the Hall Brawl elimination challenge by Amber Borzotra. Unfortunately for him, there were four before her. Tori Deal, Natalie Anderson, Ashley Mitchell and Theresa Jones. Of these, Natalie quit and the rest were eliminated in the gold skull. 


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Tori and Cory were partnered up for the first three episodes, after which there was a switch during which he teamed up with Natalie, who had left after she learned of her pregnancy. It was sudden but happy news. Of course, at that point, no one knew about the "personal reason" 'The Challenge' alum was talking about. Sadly, the pregnancy didn't last and she suffered a miscarriage. 

When Natalie left the show, she was immediately replaced by Ashley - the first female agent to go home. Her arrival balanced the cast a little because by then Olivia Jawando and Nicole Zannatta had quit following injuries. Ashley and Cory stuck around for two episodes after which she was eliminated, Fandom reported. Next up, Cory sat out the daily challenge as a rogue agent and waited patiently for another female elimination so that he could get his new partner, which was Theresa. 


As Cory continues his wait, fans have weighed in with their two cents about his situation. Some feel he's not doing too many daily challenges but still moving ahead in the game. "lmao cory wondering when his ass gone get a partner that lasts long enough so he can get his skull," a fan commented, while another shared: "How many cool challenges has Cory missed because he didn’t have a partner."

"Cory literally had a free vacation this season because he could never compete as the rogue agent," one user expressed. "Cory isn’t doing anything this season," another pointed out. "The fact that Cory has been able to coast through this season solely because his partners keep getting eliminated is irking me. He needs to compete!" a fan shared. 






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