'The Challenge: All Stars': Air time, how to live stream, trailer, cast and all about the Paramount Plus original

'The Challenge: All Stars': Air time, how to live stream, trailer, cast and all about the Paramount Plus original
Aneesa Ferreira, TJ Lavin, Darrell Taylor from 'The Challenge: All Stars' (Aneesa/ Darrell/ Instagram/ MTV)

'The Challenge: All Stars' will be pulling at nostalgic heartstrings in every sense of the phrase when 22 true veterans return to prove that they've still got it. Filmed in Argentina and hosted by TJ Lavin, the special spin-off series will see the old drama unfold as the 'Real World' and 'Road Rules' alums battle it out in tasks that could turn out to be tough for their age.



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Release date

The nine-episode adventure will release on Paramount + on April 1 at 3 AM ET.

How to live stream

The show is available for streaming here.



The premise will not be different from what 'The Challenge' already follows. Each week, a contestant gets eliminated after a final task that's usually preceded by a daily challenge round that would determine the strongest of the lot, who would then receive immunity for that week.

But it won't be a smooth ride because the difficulty levels of each of the tasks have been kept the same as recent seasons, which means some of the OGs may have to work harder. After all, they have been out of action for decades. "Let me tell you, just starting from the first challenge alone, I was like, ‘This is real!’ This isn’t B-list challenges. This is A-plus, and it’s hard. It’s physical. It’s mental," Executive Producer-contestant Mark Long revealed on 'Watch With Us: Challenge Edition' podcast.



Aneesa Ferreira from 'The Challenge: Double Agents' (Aneesa/ Instagram)


Competing for the whopping $500,000 prize is Mark along with Ruthie Alcaide, Ace Amerson, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Trishelle Cannatella, Jemmye Carroll, Nehemiah Clark, Katie Cooley, Jisela Delgado, Aneesa Ferreira, Arissa Hill, Teck Holmes, KellyAnne Judd, Derrick Kosinski, Jonna Mannion, Kendal Sheppard, Beth Stolarczyk, Darrell Taylor, Laterrian Wallace, Alton Williams, Syrus Yarbrough and Yes Duffy. Interestingly, Aneesa is the only one who has participated in as many as 14 seasons, including the ongoing 'Double Agents'.


Besides, Devyn Simone will be resuming hosting duties on 'The Challenge: Aftermath' where she'd be dishing on all the behind-the-scenes goss from the OGs and their eliminations. It'll be available to stream on Paramount+ and 'The Challenge' official YouTube channel.






Serving as executive producers are Julie Pizzi, Justin Booth, Dan Caster, and Leanne Mucci. While Jack Reifert is the co-executive producer, the show was created by Bunim/Murray Productions.

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