'The Blacklist' Season 7 Finale: Angry fans call Liz a 'complete lunatic', slam show for worst ending ever

Even though the animated screenplay fused with live-action won fans over, they aren't quite satisfied with the ending

                            'The Blacklist' Season 7 Finale: Angry fans call Liz a 'complete lunatic', slam show for worst ending ever

Spoilers for 'The Blacklist' Season 7 Episode 19 'The Kazanjian Brothers'

'The Blacklist' just called an untimely wrap on Season 7 with Episode 19. To offer fans a special kicker amid these trying times, they not only turned a random episode into finale but also completed the half-filmed episode with animated screenplay, giving it all the edge of a graphic novel on screen. Of course fans loved it, lauding the show for making an already riveting procedural even better. But it is the final moments of the finale that have displeased fans.

Why? Elizabeth Keene (Megan Boone) decides to climb to the ledge of a rather tall building, claiming she is finally accepting her inherent darkness. It's clear she has betrayed Raymond Red Reddington (James Spader) and finally chosen her mother Katarina Rostova's (Laila Robins) side. And this has seemed not just unlikely but also rather pissing off for fan simply because it looked repetitive — like the Season 18 finale, and also because frankly, Red deserves better. 

Taking their frustration to social media, one fan shared: "Well...honestly...it’s puzzling, so that’s always a good thing, but...I’m surprised that she’d choose to betray Red. Somehow, I think that this apparent choice will backfire on her and the entire Task Force. Please don’t write Red and Dembe out!" Another pointed out the similarities between the two consecutive season finales, noting: "Is it just me or did they end this #TheBlacklistFinale similar to the way they ended the previous season where Liz had the 'conversation' with her dead husband at the cemetery and she vowed not only to find out who Red was but to take down his empire?"

Others just prayed, as a user shared: "I hope the creators don’t turn red against Liz I mean what would the blacklist be without red and Liz." Another wrote: "So are we supposed to be on Liz side? Or is she supposed to be the big bad now? I don't understand why the show ruined the best team on TV. It was why I watched."

Some fans tried rationalizing the ending, where it doesn't quite look like Liz is going to jump off the ledge, or fake her own death like her mother did, but instead do something so radical that it would mean Red and Katarina uniting. "Actually I think it's a good move, shows the affect Red & Katarina are having on her. Will they work their differences out to save her?" mused a fan. For most others, however, it was about how Red keeps getting hurt by Liz, despite having her best interest at heart.

"Red’s heart at its core & often times at its surface is the purest heart anyone could fathom. The idea that the person he loves the most, fools him, plays with his emotions, tests his boundaries, & lies to his heart is the most heartbreaking thing in the world," opined a fan amid a sea of reactions that touted the animated experience, but also claimed, "Honestly disappointed, but not surprised. Red deserves better." And in the words of one clearly very, very angry fan: " It was such a perfect episode but the worst ending. Sorry. Liz looks like a complete lunatic now."

'The Blacklist' Season 7 Episode 19 aired on Friday, May 15, at 8pm, only on NBC.

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