Is the 'The Big Bang Theory' elevator ever getting fixed? That, and other closure to watch out for in final season

Will Sheldon finally win a Nobel? Will Penny change her mind and finally have a family with Leonard? Is the elevator ever getting fixed? These are questions plaguing fans at night!

                            Is the 'The Big Bang Theory' elevator ever getting fixed? That, and other closure to watch out for in final season

With 'The Big Bang Theory' being on its last and final season there's a lot of anticipation regarding how the ending will pan out. The anticipation was only fueled as the show decided to go on a mid-season hiatus - a Christmas break if you will - leaving fans swarming with questions and doubts about the prospective ending.

Amid all of the anticipation and speculation, there happens to be some loosely tied plots on the show so far that could see a potential closure of sorts. Let's talk about the possibility of Sheldon finally winning the Nobel Prize. Anybody who has ever chanced upon a single episode of the show, would know the man's entire journey to where he is today, has been about the coveted honor. And, while dealing with Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) himself is a Nobel-worthy feat, maybe we'll finally be able to witness the glorious moment Sheldon achieves his lifelong dream.

But what about the viewers and fans' dream about knowing Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) last name? Ever since showrunner Steve Molaro completely ruled out that possibility saying, "We’re kind of a superstitious lot here. We’ve made it this far without knowing Penny’s last name. I think we’re good not finding out," the disappointment in fans has been real. But maybe they will change their mind and finally, offer us the ever so sought-after answer?

Speaking of Penny, maybe she will change her mind, decide to finally give in to Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and have a family? We know, we know..., Cuoco couldn't see it happening though. “They were in disagreement on the subject, but they now seem to be on the same wave length. She is not ready for that now", she told the Koz Post. “I love the way they have spoken about it. She did not want to have children, she is very focused on his professional life and wants to enjoy his life". The actress added: “I appreciate it, I love it and I think it is a good message".

I mean, yes, we do have the Wolowitz babies to gush about, but really? No more Big Bang babies? Turns out Parsons feels the same way about a prospective baby Fowler-Cooper, but maybe the Christmas spirit will change their minds! 

And, speaking about the relationships on the show - what fans do have to watch out for is Raj (Kunal Nayyar) finally finding someone who is okay with him doing none of the talking. But that isn't the only rocky relationship aspect of the show we should be watching out for.

As most have noticed, things aren't all peachy between Penny and Leonard. Especially now that the things that brought them together are starting to pull them apart. So, will the show end with a breakup? Who knows, maybe it will. And, maybe, that will be the prominent driving plot for the second half of the 12th and final season.

Or, maybe, they will break up and soon decide, much like the fans, they can't bear to see the relationship split for long. And then they will make up. And then there will be babies. It's all too far-fetched a speculation, of course. But what really intrigues fans at this point - even more than the future of that relationship - is the future of that ever so 'Out of Order' lift!

I have goosebumps just thinking about the elevator finally getting repaired and if that doesn't tell you the magnitude of time fans like me have wasted and invested in thinking why it has been out of order for 12 long years, then well, you clearly haven't seen the show yet. It's true, both Sheldon the great, and Howard the perv, have tried their luck at repairing the darn thing, but nope.

Maybe the creators were waiting for the epic series finale to finally get the elevator to start working again. Maybe that's how it will all end - all seven of them getting inside the elevator and zooming out of our lives! To find out what happens, tune into 'The Big Bang Theory' when it returns to CBS December 6 in the U.S.

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