'The Batman' HBO spin-off series: Mr Freeze to Poison Ivy, 5 villains we want to see in the DC TV show

The series is most likely to be based on the Gotham Central comic book series by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka

                            'The Batman' HBO spin-off series: Mr Freeze to Poison Ivy, 5 villains we want to see in the DC TV show

Theories have been milling at full speed after news of an upcoming DC television drama was announced. Set in the Gotham City Police Department, the series will reportedly build from Matt Reeves' 'The Batman' and will foray into the corruption structure in Gotham. While there is still no official working title, Gotham PD has been doing the rounds and is most likely to be based on the comic book series, 'Gotham Central', by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka.

While this, of course, is pure speculation, the comics feature a series of villains who play instrumental roles and ahead of the series, here are some of the baddies the show might introduce.

Mr Freeze

Mr Freeze in 'Batman: The Animated Series (IMDb)

We may have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr Victor Fries aka Mr Freeze in the 1997 blockbuster, 'Batman & Robin', but with the series, the odds of seeing a newer version of Dr Fries is a definite possibility. Created by writer Dave Wood and artist Sheldon Moldoff, Dr Freeze first appeared in Batman #121and has also been featured in 'Batman: The Animated Series'. In Brubaker and Rucka's comic series, the villain appears in 'The Line of Duty', a two-part issue.


(DC Comics)

In his first appearance, Joe Rigger is introduced as a demolitions expert and a soldier who goes toe-to-toe against Batman. The character first appeared in Batman #318 (December 1979) and is known for his attempt to kill Batgirl who somehow survives the attempt on her life.

Mad Hatter


One of the iconic villains in the DC Universe, Mad Hatter, or Jervis Tetch, as he is known, has been one of Batman's deadliest foes. The brilliant scientist is known for his devices that give him the ability to play with the human mind. The character was played by Benedict Samuel in the Fox series 'Gotham'.

Poison Ivy

Ivy in a still from 'Batman: Hush' (IMDb)

Poison Ivy has a rich history in comics and plays a key role as one of the caped crusader's enduring enemies. Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, Poison Ivy made her debut in Batman #181. She is featured in #32 'Nature' in Rucka's series. 

Doctor Alchemy

Alchemy in 'The Flash' (The CW/ Youtube)

The villain has been showcased in The CW's 'The Flash' and should the series adapt from the comic book series, we might be looking at Albert Desmond aka Doctor Alchemy suit up for another appearance. His innate knowledge of chemistry makes him one of the dangerous foes out there is. 

Like we said, much of these are pure speculations, but to have a mix old and new faces might not be such a bad thing after all.

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