'The Bachelorette': Appalled Yosef turns the tables on Clare, says she's not fit to be mother of his child

'The Bachelorette': Appalled Yosef turns the tables on Clare, says she's not fit to be mother of his child

Tuesday's (October 27) episode of 'The Bachelorette' started on a wild note. Clare was on a cocktail date with a suitor (not Dale) and Yosef decided to stomp into the date to interrupt the conversation they were having and asked for a little time so that he could speak with her in private. Last week, Yosef was getting all bothered about how Clare asked the boys to take off their clothes for a game of dodgeball. He called the whole activity classless and worried about what his daughter might learn if she saw him being a part of something like that. This week, he was determined that he would take the matter up with Clare and give her a piece of his mind.

After he interrupted the date, the first thing he told Clare was how uncomfortable he was with her claiming that the men were there for her. He reminded her that it was a give and take situation and that she was there for them, just as much. He said that was disrespectful to hear and continued to talk about how appalled he was about the first group date and the naked dodgeball. Calling it "degrading and humiliating", he said he didn't understand how that activity warranted finding a husband. He further said, "not in a million years I will be caught dead doing that", and wondered out aloud as to what would his family think if they saw him doing that. 

"I can't believe that actually occurred. You are not setting the right example for my daughter. I am ashamed to be associated with you. I can't believe I have sacrificed so much for this classless display," he continued to hit back. He also called Clare crazy and said she overreacted the other night when she went off on all the men after none of them took an initiative to begin a conversation with her or whisk her away for a private conversation where they could know her better.

Clare didn't interrupted him until that point, however, she then felt the need to justify herself for that bit. She said she wasn't crazy to expect more from the men since she was clear that she was on the lookout for her husband. She then added that the tone in which he was talking to her wasn't appreciated but Yosef was clear he wasn't apologizing. He continued to hurl obscenities at her, calling her "almost 40" and reiterating the "classless" comment. At this point, Clare looked like she had enough and she said she never thought she would be repeating these words ever again to anyone ever. She pointed a finger at Yosef and said she'd never want someone like him to be a father of her child but Yosef flipped the tables on her saying she was not fit to be a mother to his child. He was thrown out of the show by Clare after this.

Clare had said these words to Juan Pablo Galavis after accusing him of whispering nasty things in her ear. Watching her call him out on television was empowering to watch for many and she immediately was upheld for holding her own. However, the tables were turned on her by Yosef. Also, if social media is anything to go by, Clare isn't a fan favorite anymore and people couldn't care less about her and a number of audiences already want her to leave and Tayshia Adams to step in immediately. So even though some of the audiences hated how Yosef treated her, a huge section of them stayed ignorant in this matter and he wasn't bashed as much as one would expect someone who disrespects women, to be bashed.

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