'The Bachelorette': Noah snitches on the men to Tayshia, fans call him 'a lying snake' for stirring the pot

The other men never got a chance to even talk to her since she canceled the cocktail party after hearing what Noah had to say

                            'The Bachelorette': Noah snitches on the men to Tayshia, fans call him 'a lying snake' for stirring the pot

Noah is once again stirring the pot on 'The Bachelorette'. Tayshia Adams cut the cocktail party short and refused to see the rest of the men after she had a conversation with him wherein he told her some things that left her feeling unsettled. He snitched on the rest of the men saying a lot of them have been talking among themselves about Tayshia giving out a couple of roses just for show and that she doesn't mean it. 

Tayshia took this too personally and felt that this was the group questioning her integrity. She walked into the room where all of her suitors were waiting for their chance to cop some one on one time with her for some time during the cocktail party. She addressed all of them, clarifying that she's been very clear that she was going to be super intentional with everything on the show, ever since she got there. "I am a grown woman and I know what I am doing and if you will be questioning my integrity, I will gladly walk you out."

She'd just canceled the rest of the cocktail party and since majority of the men were yet to talk to her that evening and they all wanted to know what went wrong. They wanted to know who was the last person to talk to her and what was the conversation that led to this. Noah owned up to what he'd done. He told them that during the conversation he had with her, he told her that some of the men think she gave out the rose to them just for show and that she didn't really mean it. This led to all of them fuming with anger and so were fans that were watching from home. 

"Ugh, Noah is the WORST. There are so many good guys in this group, we don’t need him #TheBachelorette" tweeted a fan. "Noah’s a lying snake. The other guys literally never said that #thebachelorette" wrote another. "Once Noah went to Tayshia, started blabbing about the other Men, she should’ve taken the Rose away from him & sent him home. She’s been married already & been through A LOT! She DOESN’T need a grown-ass toddler, she needs a grown ass Man! #TheBachelorette #TheBacheloretteABC" read another tweet. "Noah is an example of why I am happy I no longer am dating 20 something-year-old guys #theBachelorette," said another fan. "Noah is mentally in a junior high school and I want to punch him in the throat!#TheBachelorette" read another tweet. "Tayshia needs to send Noah’s ass home for stirring the pot for absolutely no reason other than just to create drama. Rose or no rose, he’s gotta go. #TheBachelorette" said another fan. 











'The Bachelorette' airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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