'The Bachelorette': Will Tayshia Adams end Dale-Clare romance? Fans say they'll pay to watch him make the switch

'The Bachelorette': Will Tayshia Adams end Dale-Clare romance? Fans say they'll pay to watch him make the switch
Dale Moss, Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams (ABC)

This week's episode of 'The Bachelorette' was dotted with unexpected twists. Clare Crawley and Yosef Aborady's altercation was quite the highlight and had a negative impact on everyone. Clare broke down, cried inconsolably, while Yosef left the show in anger. Later, Dale Moss, in an effort to calm Clare down, took her aside and shared his feelings about the Yosef incident. He said he understood how Yosef's words might have impacted her. 

"I have seen the verbal abuse that women in my life have gone through. I have seen how words can really cut and have a lingering effect. And even for you to carry yourself the way you did and I am proud of you," he told Clare, soon after which they were making out on other people's time because the rest of the guys were waiting for her for the group date session. 

However, Clare quickly mend her ways. The morning after, she called on Zach J for a spa date and later a chat in the swimming pool. It was all going well until she leaned in for a kiss when Zach stepped back. When she tried to leave, Zach stopped her and tried to explain that he didn't mean not to kiss her and that it was a misunderstanding. But Clare was already disappointed in what had happened and said that Zach should have just let her go when she wanted to. Both of them left to dress for dinner. Zach arrived for the special dinner that he was hopeful of, but Clare didn't. She eliminated him from the show. 

This caused a lot of unrest on social media about how Clare has been fixated on Dale and has been disrespectful towards the remaining suitors, who had begun to grow tired of the Clare-Dale romance. In the coming week, viewers will see Tayshia Adams enter the show. Some have commented that it will change the pace of things but they also said that they would love to see Dale stay back.

Although word has it that Tayshia will be getting a new set of suitors but some of the fans claimed that she will get the "leftovers" and few other new faces who will be joining them. Though viewers hope that Dale stays and ditches Clare because that would up the drama considerably, there are good chances that he'll leave. 

"Watch DALE stay for Tayshia! I’d die! #bachelorette #BachelorNation," a user tweeted, while another posted: "Ok now THAT might make it worth my time!!! Yess." One more said, "I will pay to see it." 




"Wait is it true that Tayshia will be getting Clare’s leftovers? Or will there be new guys?" a user asked on Reddit thread, to which another responded: "If it's the same guys I hope they contractually force Dale to return."

"What if Dale wants Tayshia lol i mean i would prefer her to the loony toon that Clare has revealed herself to be," a fan expressed. "Plot twist: The producers kick Clare off, Dale stays, Tayshia comes in, and then Tayshia and Dale end up together," another wrote.
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