'The Bachelorette' star Chad Johnson gets a welfare visit from cops after suicide scare in online post

The actor had shared a photo of a rope with a caption, 'It will be okay'

                            'The Bachelorette' star Chad Johnson gets a welfare visit from cops after suicide scare in online post
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Cops turned up at Ex-Bachelorette star Chad Johnson's home for a welfare check after he shared a rather disturbing image of himself hinting at suicide. 

According to TMZ, cops got a call for a possible suicidal person and rushed to Chad's home in the San Fernando Valley. A spokesperson with the Los Angeles Police Department says the call requesting police visit Sherman Oaks apartment came in at 11 am PST on Friday.

After a conversation, the cops came to the conclusion that he was not a threat to himself or others. Chad's friend had been the one to phone the police. 

In the photo that Chad had shared, there was a rope. He had captioned it, "It will be okay." Chad's friend was also concerned as he had stopped returning phone calls around the time he had posted. Chad has now deleted the photo from his Instagram story.

This incident comes just days after Chad was arrested for allegedly being physically abusive with his girlfriend Annalise Mishler. Cops say that they found visible red marks on her face, and booked him for felony, domestic violence and robbery.

Annalise had shared a video of a confrontation with Chad after he allegedly punched a hole in her wall. You can hear her say Chad was scaring her. Chad firmly maintained that he had never laid a hand on her, and that he was "100% confident any type of domestic abuse charges are gonna be dropped."

Chad posted a video apology on Instagram, attributing the allegations to his lack of sobriety. "I made a promise to myself and my girlfriend that I wouldn't [drink] anymore, and as most of you know, that has been an issue in my life. Whenever I do drink, I don't act right," he said. 

He added, "I have never laid hands on a woman any time in my entire life. I was in the Marine Corps and was taught core values. I have a sister. I am a very overprotective brother. If she ever felt in danger, I would want her to call. If any women out there ever feels like they are in any danger, I urge you to call 911." 

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