'The Bachelorette': Was Ben Smith pressured to discuss his suicide attempt on TV? Fans say 'I hate this show'

One of the front-runners on Season 16 of the show, Ben had opened up about his eating disorder last week, however, he was pushed further to talk about his suicide attempt and fans are not happy

                            'The Bachelorette': Was Ben Smith pressured to discuss his suicide attempt on TV? Fans say 'I hate this show'
Ben Smith (ABC)

Audiences who've been watching 'The Bachelorette' know that Ben Smith is one of the top contenders for the final rose this season. He's managed to capture Tayshia Adams's interest as well as the hearts of Bachelor Nation fans. Fans began to love him more after he opened up about his eating disorder last week.

He's not just a handsome face but his sweet demeanor shines through every time he is on the screen and that is something that has fans enraptured. Tayshia has always said that he's someone that has had her interest from day one and before the December 7 episode, she never once doubted him or his intentions. However, in the recent episode that just aired, Tayshia was seen telling Ben that she feels he's holding back and not being totally honest with her. This angered fans who feel he's the only contestant who's put himself out there totally, especially after he bared both his soul and body in last week's episode while talking about bulimia. 

Tayshia told him that he was hiding things and trying to project a perfect image. He explained that he was conditioned a certain way but Tayshia pushed him further asking him about his relationship with his family. Ben brought up his sister who he said he's very close to and she prodded him further to discuss what makes his sister so special to him and a very visibly nervous and uncomfortable Ben opened up about having made two failed attempts of ending his own life on two different occasions and his sister was the one who got him through it, unknowingly. To this date, his sister was unaware of this and he was emotional because he was talking about it for the very first time to anyone.

The reveal got the audience riled up. "Am I the only one that’s annoyed at ABC for making Ben talk about that on national television???? They always make people talk about heavy shit and then send them home and it’s really cruel #TheBachelorette" wrote a fan. "A producer told Ben "you might be sent home, open up" then also told Tayshia, "ask about his sister" and these are the times I hate this show. #TheBachelorette" wrote another. "I get that it's part of the show but I always find it so uncomfortable when the show manages to get them to spill their biggest secrets. Ben.. Riley.. #TheBachelorette" read another tweet. "Very uncomfortable with the way #thebachelorette handled Ben’s story tonight. They shouldn’t have to share their most private life experiences with someone they met a week before in order to get rewarded with a rose," read another tweet. 









'The Bachelorette' airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC.  

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