'The Bachelorette': 'Selfish' Ben Smith returns to tell Tayshia Adams he loves her, fans say it's 'unfair'

Fans were against Tayshia for sending Ben home last week after he failed to confess his feelings. But the tables have turned in the her favor after Ben returned this week to do what he should've done earlier

                            'The Bachelorette': 'Selfish' Ben Smith returns to tell Tayshia Adams he loves her, fans say it's 'unfair'

Tayshia Adams pulled a move on last week's episode of 'The Bachelorette' that instantly resulted in a lot of anger and resentment against her among Bachelor Nation fans. She sent Ben Smith home because while the rest of her suitors were all in and weren't afraid to show her how they felt, Ben could not bring himself to put it in words how he felt about her. Ben even lost the last chance of doing so while Tayshia was walking him out and instead of letting the car drive him away instantly, she asked him to sit with her and take the moment in.

It was quite a lot for the both of them, considering the fact that Tayshia was extremely vocal about how much she liked Ben and he too said all the right things and opened up to her like he'd never done with anyone else. He had bared every ounce of his being to her, even stripping himself out of all his clothing in a bid to show her that he was all in after opening up about his bulimic past and mental health issues. However, this wasn't enough and Tayshia wanted Ben to meet him exactly where she was in their relationship and disappointingly, he failed to do so. Fans rallied behind "mental health warrior" Ben, saying he didn't deserve the cut and called Tayshia's decision "sh***y".

The two-part finale's Episode 1 aired on Monday night and saw the return of Ben to the resort and he walked up to Tayshia's room, ready to tell her how he really felt. He said he was completely caught off-guard and that it was horrible that he couldn't describe his feelings for her before but "I am in love with you," he finally said saying that he blew it by not telling her in that moment. 

"The life we could have together, the thought of that keeps me awake at night.. I see a life with you," he said. But Tayshia didn't look impressed and neither did fans. The ones who had written her off last week for sending him home were now completely team Tayshia and wanted Ben to just be gone. 

"Ben needs to leave and go back to therapy like no just no. #TheBacheloretteABC," wrote a fan. "Yeah! He had NO right to do that to her. Ben SHOULD have just stayed away. It’s NOT Tayshia’s fault that he couldn’t open up to her at the time he SHOULD have. Do NOT mess with someone's (Tayshia’s) happiness to just make yourself feel better! #TheBachelorette" wrote another. "Ben showing up is so unfair to Tayshia. His need to express his feelings days later is selfish. We can have closure without the other people knowing our side, that's ok. Hopefully Ben learned to get out of his own way. That's his closure. #TheBacheloretteABC" tweeted another fan. "Ben go back home. You could have written this in a letter. You are in no shape for a relationship with her at this point. #BacheloretteABC" read another tweet. "This season IS TRASH... Ben is not ready!!!!! He even just said, “I don’t know if I am asking to be in her life.” Tayshia you are ABOVE this, don’t settle!" another fan wrote. 






'The Bachelorette' finale episode will air on Tuesday, December 22, on ABC.

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