'The Bachelorette': Why did Zac Clark's family look uncomfortable? Fans warn Tayshia against marrying him

Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams have a lot of chemistry, however, after the hometown date, fans have differing thoughts about their relationship

                            'The Bachelorette': Why did Zac Clark's family look uncomfortable? Fans warn Tayshia against marrying him

'The Bachelorette' aired the hometown dates on Tuesday's (Dec 15) episode. Tayshia Adams met the families of her top 4 suitors — Brendan, Zac, Ivan and Ben — in that order. Tayshia met Brendan's niece, his brother and sister in law and fans connected with how beautiful it turned out to be. Since all hometown dates were not actual hometowns in the truest sense as the families had all flown down to the Palm Springs resort where the season was being filmed. Fans were skeptical that these dates wouldn't be as incredible as the previous seasons but Brendan's family kicked it off really well and set the tone for the rest. 

Next was Zac, who tried really hard to show her what it would look like if they were doing this in his city. There were pizzas, bagels (there were gummy worms on the same table and it was uncomfortable to watch), and they flitted from one place to another in a yellow taxi, a cardboard one, and the production interns really worked hard painting that taxi right, according to fans. They also ended up making out in the fountain.

Later that evening, it was time for the families to meet. Zac was excited to introduce Tayshia to his brother and parents. He'd expressed the same during the episode that aired on Monday night, right after she gave him the first final four rose. From what made it to the episode, the initial moments were great, but things got a little tense when Zac's brother straight up asked Tayshia where she stood with Zac since she was also dating three other guys. She did hesitate for a fraction of a second but later on told him that she was definitely falling in love with Zac and that's all his brother needed to hear from her. His dad was next to speak to Tayshia one-on-one. He opened his conversation by saying he's from a small town and that he's never heard about these things, in reference to the show's format. However, he assured Tayshia that he doesn't want her to perceive what he just said any other way and that he was very happy to see his son happy. 

Fans of the show who were all in for Zac and Tayshia had second thoughts after she met his family and a lot of them were now of the opinion that she mustn't pick him and warned her against marrying him. "Something felt off with Zac's family. I think Zac is okay but that family..... I hope Tayshia doesn't pick him. #TheBachelorette," wrote a fan. "#TheBachelorette for some reason, Zac's family to me almost seemed uncomfortable around Tayshia? Is this just me feeling this way or are y'all feeling it too?" tweeted another. "I think everyone is hoping Tayshia doesn’t marry into Zac’s family bc these exchanges are so uncomfy #TheBachelorette," read another tweet. "I dislike family members who ask the lead to rate their guys...it’s just not a fair question #TheBachelorette," wrote another fan. "Zac’s family low key gives me bad vibes #TheBachelorette," read another tweet. 






'The Bachelorette' finale will air over a period of two days next week on Monday, December 21, and Tuesday, December 22, at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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